What are the trends when it comes to fleet management?

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Running a business tends to be challenging, especially a fleet business. Many people get into the fleet industry intending to make a profit fast. Like any other business, there are some things that one needs to do to gain a profit. Commercial fleet managers are seeking effective technology solutions to enhance their operations. At the moment, there are several trends in commercial fleet management. Different types of technology are being utilized by many people despite the size of the business. Here are the top trends in fleet management.

Relying on Data

In the face of rapid changes in how fleets are being managed, there has been an increased need to rely on data. Data is collected from different platforms and later used in making insights and reducing risks. Through data analytics, managers can know the best actions to take to save more money. Through data, routes that will be more reliable can be found depending on the traffic or climate condition. An analysis can also be done on preventive maintenance. All of this will end up being essential in ensuring that the fleet operations run smoothly.


A common trend when it comes to fleet management is the monitoring of drivers. Although some people are against it, many businesses are investing in technology like dashcam monitoring. When running a fleet, managers have to take into account that accidents may happen. Through monitoring of drivers, accidents are reduced. Drivers can stop certain behaviors that may lead to accidents including aggressive driving and not resting. In the long run, fleet drivers will end up being more responsible while on the road.

Autonomous Tech

Times and technology are changing, and the same goes for how fleet businesses are being managed. Several fleet companies are utilizing autonomous truck technology. To many people, the term self-driving trucks may be familiar. Through this type of technology, safety is increased. Autonomous vehicles can drastically improve safety by having collision avoidance and lane changing technology. However, it is crucial to note that we have not reached a point where a vehicle can be fully autonomous and drivers are still required to be actively involved.

GPS Tracking Technology

Tracking of the vehicles in fleets is becoming more common. Managing a fleet with many cars is challenging for many people. Through GPS technology from EyeRide LLC, managers can track individual vehicles effortlessly. This has been vital in ensuring that fleet operations are effective. The live location of a vehicle can be obtained in case it is stolen or is involved in an accident. Cases of fleet vehicles being driven in unauthorized routes have also been reduced, thus saving fuel costs.

Electric Automobiles

It is now considered a norm to find many electric vehicles on the road. Fuel consumption tends to cost fleet companies a lot of money. Though there are ways businesses are minimizing fuel consumption, others have gone a different way. As many countries are embracing electric vehicles, several fleet companies are using electric vehicles. One reason is that they are more environmentally friendly compared to those that use fuel.


Technology is becoming a crucial part of fleet management. As a fleet manager, you should be looking for new ways to help make your work easier and business more productive.

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