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What are the side effects of colon cancer?

colon cancer
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Colon cancer is a more common type of cancer that many people are becoming diagnosed with.

This type of cancer is something that is found in the colon and often forms in older adults. While many cell groups form in the colon, there is a risk that some cells turn cancerous.

The good news is though, that these cells are easy for doctors to identify, which is why it is always encouraged that people take the time to get a screening with their doctor regularly just to check and catch anything early if it does develop.

Side effects of colon cancer include the following symptoms:

1. You might notice your bowel routine changing

2. You might experience bleeding

3. Your stomach constantly hurts

4. You feel extra tired and weak all the time

5. You are losing weight for reasons you can not explain

Luckily, these symptoms do not have to last forever, as the additional good news is that if cancer does form, there are a range of treatments that patients can undergo to help them defeat it.

But what are the risks of colon cancer? There are five colon risks that every person should be aware of.

  1. Having an unhealthy lifestyle

A cause of many health issues, a bad died can also increase your risk of getting colon cancer. This is because when someone becomes overweight, their colon has difficulty functioning properly. This, in turn, gives cell clusters more opportunity to turn cancerous. In addition, not having an active lifestyle also adds fuel to the risk of getting colon cancer. It does not have to be rigorous exercise—just consistent.

  1. Smoking and drinking alcohol

Did you know that you increase your chances of getting colon cancer if you are a long-time smoker? Not only does it directly cause lung cancer, but medical research has shown smokers are at higher risk of getting other cancers as well. In addition, drinking an excessive amount of alcohol on a daily basis is also a risky move. Medical experts urge people to try and limit themselves to two drinks per day if possible.

  1. Old age

Unfortunately, you can not control this risk factor. But the older you get, the higher your chances are of being at risk to get colon cancer. Even if you feel healthy, it is important to get your regular colon screenings just to be on the safe side and ensure no abnormal clusters have formed there.

  1. Family history

Another one you have no control over, but research has found you are at greater risk of getting colon cancer if it runs in the family.  While it is still entirely possible to get colon cancer if no one else in your family has had it, it is also very likely you are at higher risk if other members of your family have. Again, take the time to get your routine check-ups!

  1. Your race and ethnicity

For some reason, different races have different statistics with colon cancer. Research indicates that African Americans have the highest rates of not only getting colon cancer but also dying from it—though the exact details of why are still being assessed. But on a world level, it seems that Eastern European Jews have the highest colon cancer rates out of any other ethnicity.

Getting colon cancer seems like a scary thing, but luckily the medical world has made some incredible advancements with early detection and treatment options. So it is up to you to ensure you understand your own personal risks, take the time to get scanned and live as healthy as a lifestyle as possible.

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