What are the best jobs in retail?

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Contrary to popular perception, the retail sector isn’t just about salesmanship. There is more to retail jobs than just selling stuff. Yes, a major portion of retail jobs do consist of sales but there are many other aspects like logistics, customer relationships, training, etc. These jobs are not hardcore sales-oriented but complement the other functions of making a sale.

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Let’s look at the top 8 jobs in retail


For securing a cashier job you do not need a formal educational background. The pay isn’t that great but it is easy to get a job as a cashier. All major retail sector establishments require a cashier and as such there are plenty of jobs available. To get hired in a big retail shop you can apply online. Supermarkets, gas stations, and grocery stores require them. Many people do this as a part-time job.

Beauty Consultant

Beauty consultants usually work in cosmetic retail outlets. They are also the first person in a shop or mall to uncover the needs of a customer. They uncover what the customer is looking for and based on that they show the customer the most suitable product options for them. Beauty consultant’s pay greatly varies on the brand they work for. They can earn handsomely if they are also getting commissions.

Customer Service Executive

There are different types of customer service executive roles in the retail sector. It can range from resolving customer queries to giving product information. The average pay for a customer service executive is $12.93/ hour.


Buyers are purchasing agents who buy stock from vendors. They are responsible for ordering the stocks and associating with the right vendors. Looking after inventory and maintaining the delivery schedules are part of their job duties.

Buyers can work from both corporate offices and in the retail outlet itself. The average yearly pay for purchasing agents is around $49380/ year.

District Manager

The position of the district manager is at a higher level of the retail ladder. A district manager oversees a particular geographical area. They are responsible for supervising and training the store managers falling under their area. District managers are responsible for solving major store problems and mentoring store managers. They also routinely check the performance of the stores under their designated area. The average yearly pay received by district managers is $73901.

Human Resource Specialist

Like any other sector, the retail sector also needs human resource specialists to hire, train, and maintain cordial relationships between employees. The responsibilities of the human resource specialists greatly depend on retailers. They can work both from corporate offices or be hired as in-house employees in the outlet.

Loss Prevention Specialist

Loss prevention specialists have an important role to play in retail establishments. There are plenty of ways in which retailers can lose money on the floor. One is by shoplifting and the other way is mishandling or theft of money at counters. The loss prevention specialists are responsible for preventing the loss of money and products from the store.

Logistics Coordinator

The logistic coordinator in the retail sector plays one of the most important roles. A logistic coordinator supervises the movement of the stock to the designated stores. They see to it that the inventory is well maintained and organized. They also look after the timely receipt and delivery of stock.

Final Thoughts

The best thing about retail jobs is that they do not require much higher educational qualifications to get started. A higher education degree is something that is still out of reach for many. However, for a great career in retail, you do not need it. It is easy to get started in the retail sector and with a little hard work, one can easily climb the retail ladder fast.

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