What are the benefits of ear seed?

ear seeds
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If you have never heard of ear seeds, do not feel left out; a lot of us have never heard of them. But they are becoming very popular and an alternative to another popular Chinese holistic way of healing. Ear seeds are related to acupuncture and acupressure. They serve the same purpose, which is to stimulate try and stimulate the reflex centers of the brain to relax the nervous system. French neurologist  Paul Nogier discovered that ears were mapped with very many pressure points that could aid in healing your body and mind.

What are the benefits of ear seeds, and what can they help with?

Ear seeds are usually magnetic and never noninvasive. They are little stickers that you can stick on to the pressure points on top of the skin of your ears. They sometimes might look like tiny little bandaids—this helps to stimulate the pressure points in the ears, thus delivering natural healing to the body. As of writing, this science has not officially backed up these claims, but ear seeds are approved for public use.

Ear seeds are reportedly used to help with several issues. They can help with addiction, weight loss, insomnia, stress, spiritual healing, Chronic back pain, Infertility, migraines, depression, and anxiety. Some say that ear seeds make you feel grounded and more clear-headed. When we are feeling depressed or anxious, we tend to self medicate either with prescription drugs or illegal drugs or even abusing our bodies. When we started taking medication, our bodies can become dependant on it. Once we feel that the medication is not working anymore, we end up taking more than we should, and that’s how we can become addicted. Since more and more deaths have happened due to overdoses on prescription medication, the debate has started that if taking prescription drugs is even worth the risk. Our bodies are supposed to heal naturally. Back before the medicine was invented, our ancestors used holistic natural ways of healing. We need to go back to those ways. We are prescribing medication to children that have been proven to lead to addiction or substance abuse. That’s why finding natural ways is imperative. The less we can slow down on prescribing drugs, the lower the death rate from overdoses will go down.

What are some ways that ear seeds can help?

Your body can heal itself. The critical thing that we learn about is why and how it can treat its self. When doing research, we saw that ear seed helped with a large number of issues and issues that we can face in our everyday life. So come with us as we show you the benefits of ear seeds.

The ear has over 220 pressure points that can do everything from alleviating lower back pain to calming you down.

  1. Depression- Studies showed that those who used ear seeds felt significantly less depression. If you are feeling depressed or are taking medicine to help with depression, we ask that you please talk to your doctor before trying this method. You do not ever just.
  2. Lower back pain- Studies have shown that participants who had ear seeds placed on pressure points dealing with the lower back noticed significantly less pain over four weeks. Compared to those who had the ear seeds placed on random parts of the ear.
  3. Addiction- Reports have stated that the use of ear seeds can aid in the help of addiction. Again we recommend that you talk to a doctor before use.
  4. Insomnia- Studies showed that patients with insomnia were able to sleep better throughout the night after using ear seeds.

If you are pregnant, we suggest that you do not use ear seeds unless directed to do so by a dr since some pressure points can lead to early labor.

Where can I find ear seeds?

You are most likely going to be able to find ear seeds at salons, health spas, your holistic doctors office, and you can even order ear seed kits to be delivered to your home where you can put them on yourself. We recommend that if you are going to opt to do them yourself you talk to a doctor before to ensure that you are doing it correctly.

How safe are ear seeds?

Ear seeds are very safe for the most part. Because they are noninvasive, you do not need to worry about bleeding. However, if you are allergic to certain metals or adhesives we recommend that you look into a flower seed type of ear seed.

We hope that this was helpful to you in explaining ear seeds and how they can be beneficial to you. As always we highly recommend talking to your doctor before trying the ear seeds. But we do believe that they can be highly helpful to you and is a great way to try the natural remedies we have available to us.

Story by Jacob Maslow

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