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What are my rights under workman’s comp?

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Each and every state has a guideline set in place to protect workers, in the event that they are involved in any kind of workplace injury. Employers are required by law to provide their employees with a healthy and safe workspace. Spoiler alert: employers sometimes fail to provide their workers with these healthy and safe workspaces. During these scenarios, employees may be injured during work. Additionally, even if the employer has made full strides to provide a safe workspace, workers could still potentially suffer from a workplace accident. The most common injuries include broken bones, but some workplace injuries may even include psychological trauma. The possibilities are quite expansive.

Continue reading the article to learn about the rights workers have and how they help to compensate for the risks that may be involved in their work environments.

How do I protect my rights when I am injured?

The simplest way to protect your rights when you are injured is to immediately report the injury to your employer. There are circumstances where a notification to your employer will be accepted later than a few days of the injury. However, if you are capable, it is in your best interest to notify your employer as soon as possible.

While workers’ compensation rules and regulations vary from state-to-state, in the state of New York, the workers’ compensation system is drawn out to assist in the recovery of an injury that occurred on the job. In New York, medical care is provided and a form of paid leave is established to help workers get back on their feet and back to work. New York has an extensive system in place with a myriad of solutions to assist the working class during unfortunate situations. To be eligible for these benefits, a worker must file a workers’ compensation claim and report the injury to your employer as early as possible. The claim will align with the court, the employer, and the employer’s insurance company. Essentially, the workers’ compensation claim connects all the parties together to get rid of any possible loose ends.

What are my rights in my state?

In the state of New York, for example, employers are required to have workers’ compensation insurance. Furthermore, employers must be candid with the identity and contact information of the insurer. New York public policy argues that employees have the right to know information about the insurer. There are only a few instances where an employer does not require workers’ compensation insurance; workers’ compensation insurance is not required if the business does not have employees, has volunteers, or has subcontractors.

What are my workman’s comp settlement options?

According to the attorneys at, there are two forms of compensation that a worker may potentially receive after being injured on the job in New York: a stipulation agreement or a Section 32 settlement. The names of the two forms of compensation speak for themselves. The first form, the stipulation agreement, is a form of payment that is given to the worker over a set period of time in increments. One of the greatest strengths of the stipulation agreement is that it can be modified and increased if the worker’s conditions worsen. The second form, the Section 32 settlement, cannot be modified. This form of payment is a lump sum payment that is given to the worker all at once and cannot be changed if conditions worsen. However, a Section 32 settlement may provide a worker with much needed instant financial relief. It is crucial to understand the differences between the two forms of compensation. By understanding their strengths and weaknesses, a worker is able to receive the compensation that best suits them and their needs.

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