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What are face masks and their benefits

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Face masks are coverings on the mouth and nose that protect the wearer and others from spreading and catching respiratory viruses. We are still living in pandemic times, which is why all medical institutions and medical professionals recommend wearing face masks at all times. The masks prove to be very effective in coronavirus protection, so you should always wear the best mask available for your benefit. It is recommended that you buy an n95 mask for sale which provides the highest level of protection of all masks. Wearing face masks has numerous benefits, and here are a few of them.

Main benefits of wearing face masks

  • Face masks are perfect tools for protecting people. The main way through which the coronavirus spreads from one to another is through the droplets of the person that speaks, sneezes, or coughs. Face masks are blocking those droplets and provide a solid barrier by keeping the particles inside the mask. All types of face masks reduce the number of droplets that go into the air and they also reduce their travel distance. Many studies have shown that even the simplest face coverings can significantly reduce the number of droplets that get out.
  • Sometimes you may not know that you are carrying a virus. At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, wearing masks was only recommended for people that knew they are contagious so they could protect others. However, COVID19 is a virus that can be transmitted by people that do not show any symptoms. You may never know whether you or others are virus-carriers. It is better to be safe than sorry, so wearing a mask protects you and others around you. Even if you are perfectly healthy, wearing a mask is a good way of prevention.
  • Masks protect everybody. They are not just beneficial for the wearer, but the biggest benefits come when everyone wears some type of facial covering. The collective benefit is more important than the individual benefit. If all people wear masks and block virus transmission with their face masks, then the virus will lose its power and will not spread among people. That significantly reduces the risk of infection for everybody, which brings good benefits for society as a whole.
  • Looking at the big picture, wearing face masks can even help the countries’ economies. If all people are disciplined and wear face masks, then there will not be major lockdowns and shutdowns of businesses.

Until the entire humanity gets vaccinated and this virus pandemic is over, face masks offer the best protection against COVID19. Wearing a mask is a low-cost strategy that is simple and easy to follow. It is also the cheapest protection method of all and the effects are big. You are protecting yourself and others around you with minimal effort. Buy a quality mask and wear it regularly. That way you will experience the good benefits that come from it, and you will contribute to the battle against the coronavirus.

Story by Kavinesh Arumugam

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