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What are eternity roses: And why you should buy them

eternity roses
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Everyone loves roses, and they make a perfect gift as well when given to loved ones. However, some people remain reluctant while gifting them as they think that roses will wilt soon. And there is no point in gifting them. If you think the same, then there is a piece of good news for you. You can now invest in roses that can last for up to a year without wilting. Did that surprise you?

In case you were unaware, it is called an eternity rose. Learn more about it here.

What Are Eternity Roses?

The term ‘eternity rose’ might be new for many people. But the name is self-explanatory. Eternity rose will last for a long time without wilting. However, this long time will be a year and not forever. Now that’s amazing. Who wouldn’t want the roses that he/she gets as a gift to stay fresh for a year. But how does that happen? The answer is making the roses undergo treatment so that they remain fresh for a year.

However, you should know that the scent of the roses would only last for a couple of weeks. But that should not bother you much as you get to keep the beautiful rose in its original state for a year.

The Process to Make Eternity Roses

It is not simple to make an eternity rose. The companies selling them have to follow some steps before they can sell the eternity roses to you. Here are the steps:

  • Cutting the roses at their perfect state
  • Dehydrating the roses
  • Injecting the roses with a hypoallergenic, wax-based, and non-toxic solution that stunts the roses’ growth. However, it does not change its shape, and they remain soft too

While this is the basic process, you might have come across some golden roses too. If you have, then the golden color is a spray-paint that the companies add to the roses to make them look exotic. So, when you go to purchase an eternity rose, it is upon you to decide whether you want a red or a golden one. In some cases, there might be other colors than these as well.

Why Should You Buy Eternity Roses?

As the trend of gifting eternity roses is on the rise, the question is that why should you spend money on gifting these to someone? And there is not just one reason. Here is a list of them:

No Maintenance Needed

Buying an eternity rose for yourself or gifting one to someone means that you or the other person will not have to worry about its maintenance as the rose is in its preserved form. Imagine not having to worry about the petals of the rose falling or caring about the amount of water and sunlight it should get to stay alive.

Ideally, a normal rose (that is not preserved), should last for over a week. However, if you would not provide it with the right amount of care, it won’t last for more than 3-4 days. On the other hand, an eternity rose will last for a year, no matter what.

A Decoration Piece

You can easily use eternity rose as a decorative piece. Not only would it look great in your home, but you can also place it in your office. The best part is that decorating it in several different ways is possible as well. For example, putting it in a vase for some time and placing it on a mantelpiece once you get bored of the vase arrangement.

Unchanging Appearance

Perhaps the best thing about an eternity rose is that it does not change its appearance. So, you do not get to lose the rose’s initial appeal. And that is the reason individuals spend money on purchasing it.

Romantic Gesture

If you gift an eternity rose to your significant other, you convey to them about your eternal feelings as well. A red rose symbolizes love in itself. However, gifting it in its preserved form makes it even more romantic as it is also a symbol of your commitment, and nothing could be more romantic than that.

If you wish to make an extra effort and gift an eternity rose covered in 24 Karat gold, you can make the flower even more special for her/him as you are indirectly telling your partner that you wish to preserve your relationship in the same way.

To Gift or Not to Gift?

To gift. Definitely. You won’t find a more unique and romantic gift than this. And the one that would stay with your loved one for a long time as well (roses do not last for long, otherwise). So, if you wish to gift a rose to someone, consider an eternity rose. You will take the person you gift it to by surprise as well. So what are you waiting for?

Story by Jacob Maslow

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