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What are artist management contracts? Do I need one?

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When it comes to being a talent manager, you have your work cut out for you. You have many duties to handle regularly from planning your artist’s next move to shaping their career strategy.

But as you try to make your way through these challenges, it’s easy for even the most necessary details to fall through the cracks. If you don’t pay attention to these aspects, they can grow to a point where they can cause problems for you, your artist, and your overall collaboration.

That’s where artist management contracts come in to protect your mutual interests.

Here is a lowdown on the artist management contract and their overall suitability for your needs to see what these agreements are and how they can help you.

What do artist management contracts do?

As defined by their name, artist management contracts refer to an artist and their talent manager’s agreement.

These contracts speak to crucial aspects of such a professional collaboration and cover fields including but not limited to live performances, recorded tracks, and production activities.

In addition to explicitly speaking about the rights of the artist and the manager in question, these contracts also give a framework on how they can deal with other parties in a variety of situations. This provides the artist and the manager the necessary guidance and protection they need to cultivate their partnership.

These contracts give you an outline on how to move forward

Since artist management contracts cover all common aspects, they give you an outline of handling certain situations. From the production of music to the management of rights over masters, these contracts let you move forward with the confidence that your interests are protected in all situations.

These contracts also come in specific categories due to the vast requirements and subsequent effects of artist/manager collaborations. This ensures that you can address specific types of scenarios without leaving anything up for interpretation.

This also curbs any future misunderstandings and ensures that all parties can understand and respect each other’s goals from the get-go.

You can easily purchase pre-made contracts

Since most artists and managers follow similar activities in their collaboration, you don’t have to write these contracts from scratch. Instead, you can easily purchase legally-binding agreements that cover all critical aspects of your arrangement.

Despite covering all essential legal matters through different terms and conditions, these contracts can still be modified to include your arrangement’s specifics. This makes sure that you can save time in obtaining such contracts but don’t have to compromise on essential aspects.

You can discuss and address specific requirements in these contracts

These contracts can be found through entertainment attorneys who specialize in drafting general and special purpose agreements. If you have any types of special requirements, these lawyers can also address them to prioritize your needs.

Due to their overall legal protections and framework, these contracts are a must-have for any artist, manager, or entertainment executive. No matter the genre of music you are working in or the type of artist you are managing, it’s critical to start your work with these contracts in place.

Whether you are looking to obtain these agreements or want to learn more about them, don’t hesitate to reach out to a legal expert specializing in artist management contracts. This allows you to obtain the exact type of contracts that work for you and the artists you manage.

Story by Brad Bernanke

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