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We’re stuck on this same song: Somebody hit the record player again

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We’re four months into an endless cycle of bad news, but it’s not because there’s only bad news.

Think about it. What else is there to report right now?

This is an election year, for example. Normal year, we’re getting endless reporting on the upcoming conventions.

Not happening.

We’d have distractions in the form of new movies.

Not being released.

We were supposed to have an Olympics.


We’d already have been done with an NBA season – hiatus.

MLB would be nearing the All-Star break.

Still in spring training.

The NFL would have had mini-camps.


Nothing is happening, is the problem.

Well, that’s not entirely true.

It looks like murder rates are up in several big cities across the country, but murder rate stories are, meh.

Mass shootings, now, those are good for clicks and ratings, but there hasn’t been one of those in a while.

Odd how that is.

The protests were good for clicks and ratings there for a couple of weeks, but that moment quickly passed.

Absent everything else, the media finds itself back at square zero.

It’s like when people still played records, on record players, remember them? And the needle would get stuck because there was a smudge on the wax, and … clunk, clunk, clunk.

We need to hit the side to get to whatever the next song is, basically.

Story by Chris Graham

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