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We’re not worthy: BBWAA fails with Baseball Hall of Fame mass omission

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The Baseball Writers’ Association of America, a group of dithering idiots, did their best to continue the rain on the parade that is life right now, deciding as a body on Tuesday not to induct any new members into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

It’s not for lack of qualified candidates.

Only the best hitter and best pitcher of the 1990s-2000s generation – Barry Bonds, a seven-time MVP and all-time home run leader, and Roger Clemens, a 354-game winner and seven-time Cy Young winner.

OK, yeah, whatever, steroids.

Everybody in baseball used “greenies” – amphetamines – for 60 years.

“Greenies” weren’t performance-enhancing drugs? Amphetamines heighten your senses, alertness, aggression, reaction time – in a sport that is 99.9 percent hand-eye coordination.

Off your high horse.

Curt Schilling is an assclown. Ty Cobb jumped into the stands to beat a disabled man while teammates held other fans back from being able to intervene.

Schilling should be in the Hall. Maybe his induction speech airs on NewsMax.

Bonds and Clemens aren’t just Hall of Famers; if and when the Hall decides to build a wing for the best of the best, they’re there, with Cobb, Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth, Pete Rose …

If there’s a place called a Hall of Fame for baseball players that doesn’t have Peter Edward Rose in it, I don’t need to see it.

He bet on baseball. He’s also the Hit King.

Get over yourselves.

I wouldn’t trust Pete with five bucks to run to the 7-Eleven to bring me back a soda and a bag of chips, but I know he represents the best of what baseball has been.

Same for Bonds and Clemens.

Bonds, who I loathed as a fan, since I grew up an Atlanta Braves fan, and there were those great NLCS’s in 1991 and 1992 with Pittsburgh, and then he went to San Francisco, and there were some interesting divisional races head-to-head with him.

My buddy Jay and I splurged after college on a trip to Atlanta to take in a Braves-Giants series. The splurge was the seats behind home plate. We wanted to spend three hours cursing Barry Bonds.

We got our money’s worth.

I’m not a fan.

He’s the best everyday player I’ve seen play.

Clemens is one of the two best pitchers I’ve seen – Greg Maddux is the other.

Clemens is who Hollywood would cast between the two. Big, strong guy from Texas, struck out batters with a snarl.

He and Bonds got caught up in the PED scandal of the day.

Reminder: “greenies.”

It was said of players from the 1940s to roughly the time steroids came into vogue in the 1990s that playing without “beaning up,” as it was called, when you didn’t take amphetamines before a game, was “playing naked.”

It’s been estimated that 85 percent of players in the “greenies” era used them.

Not a single tsk-tsk from the dithering idiots at the BBWAA.

Around a dozen voting members reportedly returned blank ballots for this year’s election.

You can vote for up to 10.

There were 25 players on the ballot.

Those dozen or so who returned blank ballots shouldn’t get another one in 2022.

The rest of the bunch can just go to hell.

Story by Chris Graham

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