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Weiner to resign: What took so long?

The short answer: power.

There was never any doubt that the New York Democrat was going to have to step down once word of his online behavior hit the headlines. We all have our foibles, but in the case of Weiner, his seem to be at the level of being what you’d have to call problematic. It’s plainly and clearly inappropriate for a person in a position of power like Weiner to communicate with otherwise total strangers in the manner that he seems to do with regularity.

I can see, though, why he didn’t give up his perch without a fight. It takes a lot of hard work to rise to a job in Congress, and once you lose a position of that status due to scandal it’s all but impossible to return there.

Weiner is a guy that I’ve talked to on the phone back a while ago for a story that I was working on regarding health-care reform. He’s obviously a bright guy with a lot to offer in terms of the public-policy debates of the day. I will hope for his sake that he can find a way to be able to continue to participate in those debates once he gets help for his relationship issues.

Kudos to him for finally making the right move and getting out of Dodge. Now maybe Republicans and Democrats can get back to arguing over issues of significance.

(And yes, I realize that instead of doing that they will find something else of insignificance to devote their time and energies to. I can dream, though, can’t I?)

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