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Wealthy Operators is quickly becoming the most trusted credit repair company

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Ever since the pandemic due to COVID-19, there have been some real changes in the financial industry. There has been an all-time low for the stock market and an economic crash to most countries that have been hit badly by the deadly virus. However, amidst the economic battle that the globe is facing, there is some positive news to shed light on too.

Wealthy Operators has a new lucrative partnership deal that is allowing them to change the credit repair game, by giving $1 million in identity fraud insurance; in order to protect every one of its members. Not only that, but there is a money back guarantee on their credit repair services so that we are completely satisfied. And who is the man that we should thank? His name is Zak Najac.

Zak Najac began as a realtor that wanted to expand his business, which is how he came about setting up Wealthy Operators. His main motive was to help his clients by helping to increase their credit score. Fast forward to today and Wealthy Operators has expanded, offering more jobs during these uncertain times as well as being able to finance the $1 million dollars in identity fraud insurance for each of its members. Wealthy Operators is quickly becoming one of the most reliable, affordable, and protected credit services out there.

Najac has stated, “Being a victim of identity theft myself years back and working in the credit repair business now made me realize how common identity theft really is and I wanted every member of Wealthy Operators to be protected from it. Anyone can become a Wealthy Operator, it’s a lifestyle. A lifestyle that will put you in the fast lane to becoming a homeowner, buying your dream car, and travelling the world.”

Identify theft is sadly becoming a very common crime, since it is very easy for someone to steal someone’s identity online. According to the USA government, identity theft can easily be used to fraudulently apply for credit, medical services and file taxes. Your credit status is then damaged, leaving you to pick up the pieces.

There are many scams out there such as tax collection, where someone calls you or emails you stating that you owe tax. There are emails that can resemble legitimate companies and ask you to update your personal information, including your card details. Given the circumstances that we are in by being at home all the time, it is easier to receive these phishing emails.

There are many ways to prevent identity theft, such as using complex passwords online, shredding any important paperwork and also by  getting an annual credit report.

Since modern technology has become a necessity to our lives, it becomes easier to build your identity online, but this makes you vulnerable by blindly making yourself an easy target to identity theft. Even if you are currently protecting yourself, you don’t want to limit yourself to having choices in life such as having the option to purchase a home, modern technology or a car on finance.

That is why it is advised to bring up your credit score and always keep track of it, in order to stay informed and be aware of your financial circumstances.  Building up your credit report can also give you a better chance of being accepted for financial applications.

Wealthy Operators offer a free credit analysis and consultation, as well as a money back guarantee. In comparison to other companies, they do not charge by the hour, no hidden fees and the price’s that they do charge can be as low as $69 per month.

It seems that the financing industry wants to help people as much as they can with their services, since we are currently in a situation with an unpredictable future due to the virus COVID-19. There has been an increase of unemployment globally, as well as people being furloughed and stranded abroad during lockdown. It is comforting for the public that during these hard times we can rely on companies such as Wealth Operators to offer these financial solutions to us and help us in the darkest hours.

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