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We celebrate diversity by admiring director Aziz Aljasmi

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The show business is welcoming more diverse people in all kinds of roles, which is something that we should celebrate about as it is a sign of evolving and achieving towards a multicultural community. Aziz Aljasmi is a prime example of being an extraordinary director who has won over many communities in the Middle East area especially.

We celebrate his excellence so far in his career and bow down to him as he has strongly established himself in the media and film community. Aziz Aljasmi is known for his incredible work in the commercial and advertising field, but has also recently branched out into theatre and short film.

The director gained recognition for his work last year in 2019, as he was voted as one of the top 10 directors in the Middle East by B&W.

The awards

Aziz started to win awards from 2013 and had won 3 awards in the very same year. The first award was given to him by the MENA Crystal advertising show and it was the gold and silver prize award. That very same year, he was awarded two bronze awards by the Dubai Lynx advertising show.

In 2017, he gained another award by the Dubai Lynx advertising show, but this time it was a gold one. Again in 2017, he won another award which was given to him by the Cannes Lion advertising show and it was a bronze award. In 2018, the Dubai Lynx advertising festival awarded him a silver award.

Aziz has stated, “I am very proud of what I have achieved so far and am very thankful for my global fanbase. It is great to be able to achieve your dreams and break all barriers in order to do so.”

The current work

Aziz has stated, “After 10 years of doing tv commercials, I am now directing a big theatrical musical show in Kuwait, with the top theatrical institution in Kuwait, as well as  Jaber Al Ahmad cultural center AKA and the JACC Kuwait opera house.”

It’ll be his first ever attempt in doing a theatrical show and it is meant to be the biggest show that will be showcased in the JACC Kuwait opera house. Aziz has explained that, “This will be my first attempt at doing a theatrical show, and it’s the biggest show in JACC. The show was supposed to be premiered april 2020 , but unfortunately got postponed till 2021 season.”

The show will be ‘An Evening with Abdul Hussain’ which will feature the legendary comedian Abdulhussain Abdulredha, which will take the live audience back to a colourful past, with nostalgia through magical places, along with orchestral music and live performances.

This is due to the current pandemic and the new rules of social distancing. All live performances such as concerts and theatre shows have been postponed until hopefully next year, where there is a chance that the art and film scene will go back to normal.

Aziz has also stated, “I am also starting to write my first feature film, which is about an 18 years old boy during the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990 who survived after getting  shot with  two bullets in the head by the iraqi military.”

Why diversity is important

Aziz points out that “diversity is important because it is a way that we are able to connect with each other and learn about each person’s heritage and culture. By working in a diverse and multicultural environment, you can have a positive influence by inspiring each other. It also opens your mind more as you can get on the creative side of things and showcase what you have learnt about each other’s culture. You are respecting one and another and appreciating each other’s heritage.”

Diversity is especially important in all workspaces, since every person from any background has the rightful opportunity that they deserve. This is why we celebrate Aziz’s successes and the good content that he brings to a wide community and fanbase that admires him. Aziz is also very popular online, as he has a strong amount of fans who follow him on social media, such as Instagram and Facebook. Aziz continues to showcase his work on his profile Vimeo and has brought joy to people with his work.

We look forward to seeing more of Aziz’s work in the following year, where the live theatre show will take place and hopefully we get to see his feature film in the near future too.

Story by Virginia Sagal

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