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Ways to workout with your kids at home

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Kids have been spending more time at home and many parents are worried if they are getting enough exercise, or their kids are too energetic, and they need ideas on how to tire them a bit. This article offers you various games and activities you can try out with your kids. In case you need some adult time later, how about watching your favorite team’s match and place some bets at NetBet Sport?  Without further ado, here is our list:

Inside options

  • Indoor children’s sports: These free tools make indoor sports a success. You do not always need expensive sports equipment, because children love creative ideas. They are very keen when it comes to misappropriating household items for sport.
  • Pillow fight: The classic among movement games. You throw yourself into bed or on the sofa with your child and throw pillows at each other. Fighting and jumping are expressly encouraged and guarantee plenty of movement and endurance training.
  • Juggling: You must have thin scarves at home. These are great for juggling exercises. By the way, coordination skills are trained in a playful way.
  • Long jump: is there a couch in the living room? Make it a stepping stone and see who can jump the furthest. If the sofa is well sprung, it gives it additional momentum.
  • Parcours: Set up an obstacle course in the apartment together with your child. Possible building blocks are the household ladder, a stool, chairs to crawl under, thick cushions to jump over, or even a swing of tipped-out building blocks that you have to jump over. The more stations, the better.
  • Challenge: Make a competition. Who can do the most jumping jacks on the living room carpet? And who does the most somersaults in bed?
  • Movement songs: Your child will certainly have a CD with movement songs. When you dance these together, father and/or mother and child have had a decent workout.
  • Toilet paper sport: Exceptionally, you may play with toilet paper for these exercises. Build towers from several rolls and jump over them. Or roll off some paper as a line and practice the side ski jump here.
  • Small and large devices for children’s sports at home: Whether classics like the skipping rope or your own mini trampoline: Many manufacturers have great equipment in their range that is ideal for children’s sports at home.
  • Skipping rope: A skipping rope is the real all-rounder for endurance, coordination, and dexterity. However, it does need some space – it is best to move sensitive objects to another room.
  • Punching bag: For many children, a punching bag or a punching pear is a popular way of getting rid of pent-up frustration. At the same time, they train their strength. There are various solutions for this device that can be stowed away to save space.
  • Trampoline: Does your offspring love to hop and jump? Then a small trampoline or a bouncy mattress can provide variety.
  • Motor skills support: In addition, colorful sports equipment such as the balancing stones train the sense of balance and promote motor skills. A wobble board or balance board does the same thing.
  • Gym equipment: Do you have a little more space at home? Wall bars, swings, or climbing frames invite you to move and transform the children’s room into a small gym.

Online options

Make use of the online options: There are numerous digital sports offers not only for adults but also for children. Best of all, most of the courses are free. The selection is huge – here are a few tips:

  • Children’s yoga: This sport is also suitable for kindergarten and primary school children. The yoga exercises for children’s songs are particularly fun.
  • Soccer: Does your child love soccer? With these soccer exercises at home, even little Ronaldos stay fit – without any risk of breakage!
  • Ballet: Is your child passionate about ballet? With this digital ballet training, they can reproduce many exercises within their own four walls.
  • Online sports: The basketball players at Alba Berlin have put together an extensive range of online sports for children. New videos are being added all the time. Among other things, there is a separate channel for primary school children and an area for daycare children.
  • Your own sports club: Many sports clubs offer their own online hours in order to be able to look after the members even during closing times. These meetings usually take place in real-time via platforms such as Zoom or Jitsi Meet. Just ask your child’s club.

In case you want to start your own club for your kids and their friends, or for other children as well, you could ask advice from a seo consultancy. With the help of one, you could make your site gain popularity in an instance.

Story by Rania Syno

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