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Ways to relieve stress while working from home

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Stress is, unfortunately, a part of life. Moreover, the new normal has taken everyday stress from work and brought it home. It’s almost as if a new kind of stress has stepped on the scene since the global lockdown. But that does not mean you have to accept it or repeat work-life balance three times and click your heels together. There are several ways to help reduce stress and frustration that is almost inevitable while working from home. So, if you are beginning to feel the pressure like many of the millions of people working from home and/or homeschooling (another job in itself), you are not alone. To help you help yourself, here are the top eight ways to relieve some of that pressure and stress.

Self-Care to the Recuse

When in doubt, self-care. Of course, you may be thinking if only it were that easy. Well, it can be if you take the first step—making time for yourself. Once you have carved out some time, focus on what puts you at ease.  This could be as simple as turning off your laptop or work computer at a pre-determined time. Just being able to log off for the day and deter yourself from running back to check emails is self-care (put down the cellphone). Once you are truly off the clock, and the Zoom meetings of the day fade into the background, put on something a little more comfortable and relax.


Exercising also helps reduce stress and frustration. You could go for a quick run, a leisurely bike ride, perfect your yoga postures, or dance around the kitchen. Regardless of your choice of exercise, a little physical activity can help you focus on something else and make up for some of the quarantine snacking. Exercising helps relieve any tension you may be experiencing from sitting at a computer for the last eight hours as well. Other potential benefits include a reduction in stress hormones (cortisol), improved quality of sleep, and a more positive sense of self.

Nutrition and Supplements

Proper nutrition is yet another way to get those work-related stress levels down. Eating high-fiber food, staying hydrated, and adding more healthy food to your diet are all ways you can combat stress with nutrition. Nonetheless, if your busy schedule has not afforded you time to stock up on fresh fruits, vegetables, or seemingly healthier snacks, there is no need to panic. Supplements can help you stay balanced. A few favorite over-the-counter supplements that can help manage stress include green tea, lemon balm, ashwagandha, and a variety of amazing essential oils like the ones found at Elite Health Products.

Mediating with a Dash of Mindfulness

Likewise, both mediation and mindfulness are great tools for stress reduction. If you are new to the practice, mediating is thought to help soothe the effects of information overload and give you a sense of peace. Although often practiced together, mindfulness is a little different as it mainly focuses on living in the present moment. This means gaining an increased sense of awareness and becoming more accepting of what is. When done together, these tools help you to observe your feelings and thoughts as you let them pass without judgment. Sound great? Then find a quiet place and take a seat. Beginning with intention, close your eyes, let go, and breathe—even if it is only for five to ten minutes, just be present.

Bubble Bath and Chill

Then again, if you prefer to pamper yourself after a long stressful day, get out your candles, a glass of wine or coconut water, and a soothing bath bomb. Even if your bath essentials vary, soaking away the troubles of the day is still calming and foaming with benefits.  Just 20 minutes helps to support muscle pain relief following exercise and has a positive impact on one’s overall health. Taking a load off in the tub also helps promote better sleep. Plus, we highly recommend that you purchase a bath caddy, if you do not own one already, and take your chill session to the next level by queuing up a good movie or some relaxing tunes.

Laughter and Learning to Say No

Laughter has always been touted as the best medicine, and why not? A good laugh helps to reduce stress and frustration. What’s more, laughing with friends and family has been known to be a good time. Therefore, after the remote 9-5 grind, put on a comedy special, send memes on Instagram, go prank grandma, if she’s a member of your household—just have some fun. Along those same lines, learning to say no is a wonderful way to lessen the negative impact of a stressful day. Remember, juggling too many things at once only leads to trouble, according to the after school specials anyway.

Quality Time

Additionally, quality time with loved ones and pets is also an excellent way to escape the work-related stressors. It does not require too much effort to take the dog for a walk, drive your cat insane with a laser pointer, or spend time with the family. Moreover, face-timing friends and venting (with or without alcohol) can help you feel connected to the outside world. Ultimately, being able to share with someone, even a furry friend, is cathartic. So, go ahead and spend a little quality time with those who matter most.


Last but not least, self-soothing is not just for the kids. Make every day less stressful by listening to your favorite music or by writing down your thought and feelings in a journal. Better yet, join online painting class, go outside and garden, or even take a nap. No one’s judging how you self-soothe, and you shouldn’t be either. Other standard self-soothing techniques include positive self-talk, visualization, self-compassion, and maybe ice cream. Remember, work-related stress should never get the best of you, whether in the office or at home. By utilizing any of these eight techniques, you can reduce everyday stress, keep calm, and carry on.

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