Ways to boost immune system amid COVID-19 outbreak

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Growing worries about COVID-19 has turned a stream in searches on the internet on how to boost your immune system against the coronavirus. Aside from the correct way of washing your hands, there are many ways you can do to enhance your overall health. With many health information that you can get online, here are some helpful ways to boost your immune system and support your body to fight against this infectious disease.

Sleep on time, manage your stress, and exercise regularly!

The good thing about sleep is that our body heals at this time. Do you know that if you deprived yourself of sleep, it will be hard for your body to fight any infections? That is why adults should get at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep at night, while children and teenagers should at least sleep 10 hours for their body to develop well.

If you have sleep problems, try taking a supplement with melatonin to help you sleep easily. Melatonin is a great antioxidant that has many health benefits, such as keeping your eyes healthy and raising men’s level of growth hormones.

Also, when you have enough sleep you get to reduce your levels of stress. It is very important that you lower your stress levels amid the COVID-19 outbreak because this will surely affect your immune system. Regular exercise can help you fight stress while enhancing your body’s built.

Doing 10 to 30 minutes of exercise daily can help you lose weight, boosts your energy, keep your skin healthy, makes you feel happier, helps you relax and get a good sleep. Exercising is a great immune booster to help ease your stress levels while improving your breathing and health.

Immune System Boosters!

A balanced diet is always the key to help boost your immune system. If your body has insufficient nutrition, then you will be more vulnerable to infectious diseases such as the coronavirus. It is necessary that you take nutritious food that will help keep a healthy immune system.

Food such as grains, seeds, beans, vegetables, and other leafy greens are packed with vitamins and minerals that are very beneficial in keeping your body healthy. If your diet is not giving your body all the micronutrients that it needs, then taking daily multivitamins and supplements can support your health as these can provide many health benefits also. Make sure that you don’t overdose yourself, and always check the advice of your physician so that you will know the right vitamins and supplements for your body.

Eating right and taking the right multivitamins and supplements are all great immune system boosters. Pay attention to the size of food serving and always eat the recommended daily intake, because this is the key to a balanced diet.

Another thing that you can do to maintain a healthy body is to keep your things clean especially your phone as you are holding it always. Do not put your phone anywhere especially on the bathroom sink or kitchen sink, if you did then make sure to clean it with soft cloth and alcohol.

To keep your phone secure, make sure to put in a phone holster so that you can still carry it anywhere you go without holding it too much. You can order a leather phone cases online by visiting a website like www.hengwincase.com to see different designs of phone holsters that could match your style.

Finally, be sure to follow all these tips to boost your immune system and help your body fight, not just the coronavirus, but other illnesses also that are present in this world. Never be inactive even if you are just in your home. This quarantine is your chance for self-development like doing work-outs to get your desired body, eat healthier food to boost immune system, and develop new skills and hobbies.

No one is responsible for your health but you, so take good care of yourself always with or without a pandemic disease.

Story by Grace Antonio. Antonio is A simple writer, an adventure enthusiast, and a “mother of dragons”, which happen to be just two cute dogs!

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