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Ways to avoid getting sick during flu season 

Photo Credit: Peshkova

There’s a time of the year when many people get sick. Various factors contribute to the increase in the chances of getting ill. The change in weather could be one. Another is a potential outbreak. If the disease is airborne, it’s easier for the illness to spread. You can still protect yourself and stay healthy even if everyone else is getting sick.

Eat healthily

Build your defences by eating right. Choose foods rich in vitamins and minerals to boost your immune system. It’s more difficult to catch an illness when you have a strong defence.

Wear a mask 

When everyone at school or the office is getting sick, there’s a good chance that you will also end up being sick. It’s true if you work in an enclosed space. It can also happen due to direct and close contact with someone who is ill. The best way to protect yourself is by wearing a mask. You can prevent airborne diseases from getting transferred to you with the aid of a mask.

Don’t share stuff with sick people 

Even when the sick person is your loved one, you can’t share anything. When eating, you have to use separate utensils. Keep a distance for a while. Avoid hugging or kissing since these actions could increase the transfer of the illness from one person to another.

Stay hygienic

You need to observe proper hygiene at home or anywhere you go. Wash your hands before eating. Bathe every day even if it’s freezing outside. Carry a hand sanitizer with you. After touching office supplies or equipment, you need to wash your hands. Avoid placing anything in your mouth unless it’s edible.

Get enough sleep

Another way to build your body’s defences is by getting enough sleep. You need to have an average of eight hours each night. If not, your immune system weakens. You will be more vulnerable to illnesses. Even if you’re too busy with work, you have to ensure that you get eight hours of sleep at night.

Clean your house

Your messy house could also be a reason why you might get ill. Make sure that you always empty the bin. When sweeping the floor, including the areas underneath the furniture. Thoroughly wash and rinse your dishes and laundry. Make sure you keep your place clean each day and do not wait until the weekends before you begin to clean.

Be careful about who you come into contact with

It doesn’t matter if you seem to offend someone because of your decision not to come into close contact with them. You have the right to remain healthy. Avoiding anyone you suspect of being sick. Besides, if someone is sick, that person should call in sick for work. You and the rest of your colleagues are at risk of being ill because of this person.

If you still end up getting ill, you need to consult with a doctor right away. Even if it’s not something serious, like a fungal infection, you still have to ask a doctor for advice. You will then get a fungal nail infection cream prescription. You can’t take the risk and worsen the condition.