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Ways to avoid fogging up your glasses when wearing a mask

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The state of Virginia made the wearing of masks in indoor areas where social distancing is impossible a mandate. It might be inconvenient, but it’s a proven way to help prevent the spread of the virus. Masks obstruct breathing, but doctors believe that it doesn’t pose any serious health risk. The problem, though, is when you wear eyeglasses. Masks block your vision when you breathe. A mask fogs your glasses up. These tips will help prevent it from happening.

Wash your glasses with soapy water

This solution is most effective in preventing your glasses from getting fogged. Washing the lenses leaves a thin film that helps reduce surface tension and prevents air from getting trapped. You can use baby shampoo or toothpaste since it’s not too harsh and won’t damage the lenses.

Seal your mask

Another trick that might work is to stick double-sided tape across the bridge of your nose before placing the mask. It works on any mask, both surgical and fabric. Sealing your mask prevents air from fogging the lenses.

Ensure that your mask fits well

When your mask is loose, it allows air to move up when you exhale and fog your glasses. With a perfect fit, the air moves towards the bottom or sides. The best masks come with molds or metal strip around the nose so you can easily adjust it.

Adjust the glasses

Check if your glasses have nose pads and adjust them. The frames will sit farther from the face and prevent air from getting trapped. However, this option might slightly affect your vision. Make sure you’re comfortable tweaking the pads before doing it.

Use de-fogging products

You can buy sprays that help instantly remove fog. As soon as your glasses get foggy, you can use the spray, and it will subside. Make sure that you use appropriate over-the-counter products, and some of them might damage your eyesight. Avoid products that are only for cars since they contain chemicals that might hurt your eyes.

Look for anti-fog lenses

Some eyeglasses use lenses that have anti-fog properties. It means that even if you breathe upwards and the air gets trapped in the eyeglasses, fog won’t form. The anti-fog coating helps make this happen.

You can consider buying high-quality eyeglasses from if you need to replace your current glasses. Another option is to use contact lenses. In doing so, you can still see clearly without worrying about obstructing your vision. If it’s your first time wearing contact lenses, it might be inconvenient. However, you will eventually get used to it, and you won’t have any problems.

Not everyone feels comfortable wearing a mask. Some people even protest against using one. However, it’s an inconvenience that could save a lot of people. Scientists believe that wearing a face-covering could prevent the spread of the virus. It doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you won’t get it, but you can prevent it from spreading to other people.

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