Ways of improving your order fulfillment rate

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Order fulfillment process includes all important steps that must be taken by the companies after they receive an order. This process starts by receiving an order, next step is to enter the order in the office system, then customer is notified that his order has been received, product is sent to the warehouse, picked by a worker, gets packed and shipped, the customer is notified that his order is on its way, and final step from the process is when order actually arrives. There are many challenges that accompany the order fulfillment process, such as logistics planning, supply chain optimization, inventory management and others. If you are looking for ways to improve your order fulfillment rate then it is advisable you follow the next tactics.

Tactics to Use for Speeding up and Improving Order Fulfillment Rate

When it comes to improving the order fulfillment rate, you have few good options available. Starting with classifying and categorizing your inventory is the best way to go before proceeding towards other steps. Next thing to do is to ensure you make most out of the systems that you already have available. Many companies already have all tools necessary for improving their order fulfillment rate, but simply fail to get the most out of them. Finally, investing in automation of the entire process is also advisable, as you will see a big difference in how things are being handled.

  • Start by categorizing different orders for better handling. Group the inventory based on the speed of their moving and make sure you always have items in stock for those items that are demanded the most. Popular items need to be accessible right away and stored in most central area of the warehouse. That way they can be quickly picked and packed before shipping to the customer.
  • Quality system integration is a must for having better visibility of all parts of the order fulfillment process. In order to be able to get best possible overview of the sales, inventory and other things, you need to integrate shopify order management system, which is the first place where the order is placed, with the enterprise resource planning system where you store the financial data and other important information.
  • Make sure all your processes are automated. That does not mean that you have to replace everything with robots, but you can for example invest in things that can better automate the ordering process for your business.

Each of the mentioned steps can bring numerous benefits for your business. Reclassifying items will save you valuable time and energy as well as money, because you will cut down labor costs for people working in the warehouse. Integration of different systems will significantly improve the entire process and will provide you with more accurate reports and analysis which can help you when making your future plans. Finally, automated processes will boost the speed of the order fulfillment rate and will give you valuable information for the future orders.

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