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Waynesboro Short Film Festival finalists announced

The Waynesboro Cultural Commission announced the finalists of the 2012 Waynesboro Short Film Festival occurring on Saturday, May 5.

The festival is open to all free of charge.

At 1 p.m. the short films will be screened at The Gateway located at 329 W. Main Street in Downtown Waynesboro. The festival features the finalist films from the Waynesboro Short Film Competition, organized by Lorie Strother of the Waynesboro Cultural Commission. Finalists come from throughout the state including films from Richmond, Millboro, Henrico, Springfield, Charlottesville, Fairfax, Christiansburg, Virginia Beach, Crozet, and Harrisonburg.

At the end of the screening, Erica Arvold of Erica Arvold Casting will select and announce the winners of the competition. Strother, will present cash prizes to the top films in the Adult and Youth categories. There will also be an Audience Choice cash prize award which will allow audience members the opportunity to vote for their favorite short film.

The Waynesboro Short Film Competition is open to filmmakers throughout Virginia. The entries were limited to a maximum of 16 minutes. A review panel screened the films and selected the finalists.

Screening Schedule

Attack of the Trailer
4 min 45 sec
Category: Adult
Synopsis: Beware you have been warned.
Director: Abe Costanza, Marco Duran.
Producer: Brian Wimer, John Johnson.
Screenwriter: Brian Wimer.
Editor: John Johnson, Marco Duran, Abe Costanza.

The Bard
13 min 20 sec
Category: Adult
Synopsis: After witnessing the drowning of his daughter an old fisherman turns away from the sea and toward music, seeking solace from the guilt that plagues him.
Director: Adam Carboni.
Producer: Avital Epstein.
Screenwriter: Adam Carboni and Matt Clegg.
Editor: Matt Clegg.

6 min 36 sec
Category: Youth
Synopsis: After a police detective’s partner is murdered he pumps himself full of caffeine in order to avoid becoming the next victim.
Director, Producer, Screenwriter, Editor: Harry Barnes, Peter Rylander, Will Jones.

The Deed
12 min 36 sec
Category: Adult
Synopsis: Charles Pinkerton is a wealthy land developer in a small town. When a couple who refuses to give up their family’s land for his new development gets in his way, things turn ugly. Unfortunately for him, he finds out that extreme measures can be haunting.
Director: Darren Van Dyke.
Producer: Bo Keister.
Screenwriter: Darren Van Dyke.
Editor: Jack Bennett.

Discovering Archaeology: The Curles Neck Project
11 min
Category: Adult
Synopsis: Archaeological excavation of Curles Neck Plantation, home of Nathaniel Bacon and the Randolph family.
Director, Producer, Screenwriter, Editor: Robert Mark.

16 min
Category: Youth
Synopsis: Brian struggles with the consequences of a second chance.
Director, Producer, Screenwriter, Editor: Paul Hairston.

I Want You
3 min 14 sec
Category: Youth
Synopsis: Music Video for local band, the DOWNbeat Project. Depicts a man following the girl of his dreams.
Director, Producer, Screenwriter, Editor: Jake Ferrell, Mitz Germershausen, Will Jones.

It Takes More Than Love
4 min 16 sec
Category: Adult
Synopsis: Two star‐crossed lovers learn that it takes more than love to build a bridge.
Director, Producer, Editor: KT! Eaton.
Screenwriter: Julie Markowitz.

Karla Evans
14 min 42 sec
Category: Adult
Synopsis: A young woman living off of her friend, tries to find a job.
Director, Editor: Krystian Ramlogan.
Producer, Screenwriter: Kerry King.

King of Roosts
6 min
Category: Adult
Synopsis: A wandering poet tries to win the heart of a farm girl but his efforts are thwarted by a pesky gold rooster in this modernized silent film.
Director, Editor: Zach Keifer.
Producer: Patrick Walsh, Kirsten Fuoti.
Screenwriter: Mark Parlette, Zach Keifer.

The Last Paperboy
4 min 30 sec
Category: Adult
Synopsis: It’s the last day in the career of the last paperboy!
Drama Director, Editor: Rich West.
Producer: Sheri Ratick Stroud.
Screenwriter: Burt Kempner.

Let It Begin Here
12 min
Category: Adult
Synopsis: The events of April 18th and 19th 1775 and “the shot heard around the world.”
Director, Editor: Kevin R. Hershberger.
Producer, Screenwriter: Kevin R. Hershberger, Christopher C. Belland.

Once Upon a Park Bench
10 min 30 sec
Category: Adult
Synopsis: A schoolboy meets an old war veteran on a park bench and listens as the ancient spins a tale of lost love and heartbreak, but when the story takes an unexpected turn, the cliché comes to life and the youngster comes of age.
Director: Joseph Baum.
Producer: T.K. Cibene, Lauren Leak.
Screenwriter: Joseph Baum, Ross Koschmeder.
Editor: Daniel Ostrem.

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