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Waynesboro rolls out Text-2-911 capability

waynesboroThe City of Waynesboro Emergency Communications Center has added the capability of receiving 911 emergency calls by text.

The new service, commonly referred to as Text-2-911, is particularly useful in situations where a caller is unable to talk, such as a domestic violence situation or if the caller is hearing-impaired.

The technology allows anyone with a text-capable cell phone to text 911 to report an emergency when making a voice call is not possible.

This is accomplished by entering 911 in the To: box in your message app on your cell phone, typing your messaging, and tapping send. Once the call is received, the 911 dispatcher can text with you.

Pictures can be sent if they are available and if your carrier allows that feature for Text-2-911. Not all carriers do.

The Text-2-911 feature is enabled for all major carriers, T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and their subsidiaries on cell towers that provide service in the City of Waynesboro. If you are in an area where Text-2-911 is not available, you will receive a bounce back message indicating that the service is not available in your current location and to make a voice call to 911.

Text-2-911 also provides the dispatcher with your cell phone number and your location.

The preferred method for contacting 911 in an emergency is to dial 911 and talk with the dispatcher whenever possible. It allows for faster processing and more detailed information sharing.

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