Waynesboro Public Library expands online resources

Four new services have been added to the already extensive electronic resources Waynesboro Public Library offers. CareerTransitions, Freading, Atomic Training, and Liteati are not found on the World Wide Web. They are offered through the library’s website to WPL cardholders.


Career Transitions

Some of the stress of losing a job or finding a new one could be eased since WPL recently began offering CareerTransitions, a comprehensive guide to career change. It walks people through the steps for job transition, using clear and concise information about career paths, industries, economies and companies. “It’s a great product to help those going through job change,” said Zahir Mahmoud, Library Director.

The first step in the process is discovering interests. This step provides career ideas. Often, when people think about career transition, they look to do more of the same. Considering the economic environment, that’s often not an option. CareeerTransitions gives job seekers alternative choices they may not have thought of.

The next step is exploring careers. In this step, users will take a closer look at the careers which interest them. They’ll look at what preparation is required and what opportunities exist for that career in specific areas.

CareerTransitions then helps with creating a résumé. This section has seekers fill out simple forms and gives tips and suggestions along the way. At the end of this step, the résumé will be completed. It can then be posted to the Web, e-mailed out or copied into a Word document.

The fourth step in CareerTransitions is to improve career chances. This step provides a list of all sorts of information on how to improve job skills, like taking classes at community colleges. Classes and other opportunities are found nearby automatically.

It’s then time to find a job. CareerTransitions trawls the Web for career opportunities and lays them out for patrons. Real world opportunities are immediately seen. “This is one of the most compelling aspects of the product,” said Mahmoud.



Freading, a new eBook lending service, has expanded WPL’s eBook collection by an additional 20,000 titles. This includes fiction and non-fiction. There are no waiting lists or overdue fees.

Freading eBooks can be transferred to eReaders such as the Nook, Kobo and Sony Reader. Titles can be downloaded to most Android tablets and phones with the Freading app. A Freading app is also available for downloading titles to iPads, iPhones and the Kindle Fire and is available through the library website.

Titles are available in Freading using a token system. At the beginning of each week, everyone is given 4 tokens, which are used to download eBooks. Each eBook costs 1, 2, or 4 tokens depending on the release date of the title. Titles can be borrowed for 14 days and can then be renewed for another 2-week lending period if needed. Renewals for the newest titles (less than 6 months old) cost 1 token, but older titles do not require additional tokens.

“We have been waiting a long time for a service like this that delivers great content, compatibility with lots of devices and simplicity of use. We think this will be incredibly popular with our patrons and will help the library in marketing itself to the community,” said Mahmoud.


Atomic Training

The library community also has access to online, on-demand video training tutorials on the most popular software and Internet applications via Atomic Training. Patrons are able to develop and increase their technology skills, proficiency and productivity with this service. “Today’s libraries have to serve the needs of their patrons,” said Mahmoud. “That includes expanding services so that libraries remain relevant to the public.”

Atomic Training can be useful for improving job skills since it provides specific software training tutorials to fit an individual’s needs. People of all ages may become more proficient on basic computer applications and training on mobile products, such as the iPhone and iPad, allow users to get the most return from their purchases. Atomic Training also allows for learning on demand. “While books and computer classes are offered at WPL, sometimes the need can’t wait a week or two,” said Mahmoud.

The Atomic Training tutorials WPL subscribes to are Excel 2010, Final Cut Pro, Internet Explorer,  iPad, iTunes, Microsoft Office 2010, OS X 10.7, Lion, Microsoft Outlook 2010, Photoshop Elements 9, Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, Microsoft Publisher 2007, Safari Windows 7, Windows Vista, Microsoft Word 2010, Facebook and Twitter.


Literati Public

Literati Public puts a library of resources at patron’s fingertips. Undertaken by the Library of Virginia, it is a unique approach to improve digital and information literacy for all residents of the state. Access to Literati Public connects learners of all ages to the information they need in a way that is both intuitive and engaging.

An easy to use search platform has access to library resources including over 3 million encyclopedia entries with citations, eBooks on every major subject, over 240,000 audio clips (containing pronunciations, music, poetry, and more), multimedia videos featuring everything from famous speeches to the human body, thousands of high resolution images available for educational use, and tutorials and videos about research skills.

Theses instantly accessed articles may be used for homework assignments or classroom use. Every resource, from eBooks to Topic Pages, has its own unique URL that can be easily shared. Additionally, all of Literati’s quality images, videos, and tutorials can be used for academic purposes, such as presentations, lesson plans, and handouts.

“Literati Public allows the community to locate all the resources of their local public library,” said Mahmoud, “and learn how to find and evaluate information. One of the best features is Homework Help.” Any student in grade 3-12 needing help in Math, Reading or Writing can get online help from a certified teacher. The teachers will work through homework problems with the student, step by step, until the assignment is finished.

Contact WPL for more information or visit www.waynesboropubiclibrary.orgto start using these resources. Freading can be found on the home page while the other services are on the “helpful links” tab under the Services dropdown menu.

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