Waynesboro Police: Wife threatened, Good Samaritans attacked, man arrested

WOLKE CHRISTPHER ALANThe Waynesboro Police Department has arrested a Verona man on several charges after a brutal assault on a Waynesboro couple last week at a local business.

Christopher Alan Wolke, 30 years old, has been charged with two counts of felonious assault on a man and woman who tried to intercede in a domestic dispute between Wolke and his wife on the nTelos store, 2704 West Main Street.  Wolke also faces a felony charge of grand larceny and a misdemeanor charge destruction of property stemming from the incident.

On July 10 at approximately 6:40 PM, officers responded to the nTelos store for a report of a physical altercation on the parking lot. When they arrived, the found a 53 year old man and his 42 year old girlfriend with multiple injuries.  According to the victims, they were at the store to pay a bill when they noticed Wolke standing outside yelling and beating on vehicle with a woman and small child inside.  Officers determined that these individuals were Wolke’s estranged wife and 2 year old son.  The victims said that it appeared Wolke was trying to get inside by smashing a window and that Wolke’s wife appeared scared.  Also, it appeared that the Wolke had parked his Jeep to block his wife from being able to move her vehicle.

The female victim approached Wolke and told him to stop at which point he turned his aggression on her.  Wolke struck the woman as she tried to turn away knocking her down.  The male victim then hit Wolke to protect his girlfriend.   Wolke then went to his vehicle and grabbed something.  Fearing that Wolke had gotten a weapon, the male victim attempted to flee when Wolke tackled him.  The female victim tried to aid her boyfriend when she was cut on the neck with a knife that Wolke had.  Wolke also kicked the male victim in the nose which left him dazed.  Now having the upper hand, Wolke took the female victim’s purse and stole some jewelry from it and smashed her phone on the ground.  When store employees came outside, Wolke fled in his vehicle.  Wolke’s wife was able to maneuver her vehicle out and fled during the fight.  The victim, who indicated they did not know Wolke or his wife, refused medical treatment for their injuries.

The victims provided the officers with the Jeep’s license plate.  They were able to track down Wolke at a family member’s residence in Augusta County.  The Augusta County Sheriff’s Office arrested Wolke at the same address on July 15 on the four charges tied to the assault.  He is being held without bond at Middle River Regional Jail.

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