Waynesboro Police alert: Jury scam, missed court scam

The Waynesboro Police Department and Waynesboro Sheriff’s Office want citizens to be aware that the jury scam or missed court scam has been occurring in the city.

courtThe Augusta County Sheriff’s Office released information on this scam earlier in the week.  The Police Department has received at least three calls and two walk-in complaints from citizens saying that they were contacted by someone as a part of this scam.

One citizen reported that he was swindled out of $400.

According to the Augusta County Sheriff’s Office release:

“In the past few days, we have received several complaints of fraud. Citizens report receiving a phone call from the Augusta County Sheriff’s Office and are told that they missed a court proceeding.

“In at least one case, the victim talked to the “sheriff and “captain” before being instructed to purchase a Green Dot Card (prepaid credit card) and called them back with the numbers.

“In some cases, they are told to then bring the card to the Sheriff’s Office for verification. By then, the fraud has been perpetrated and the victim’s money is gone.

“If you receive a call from the Augusta County Sheriff’s Office and are instructed to provide finances of any sort to the Sheriff’s Office under the threat of arrest, please do not act on it. It is a scam.”

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