Waynesboro employees, the downtown district, Thanksgiving

Winners and Losers column by Chris Graham

WINNERS: Waynesboro city employees
They get an extra day off this year – Christmas Eve.
Not for nothing, but maybe we should all have somebody legislate the rest of us extra paid holidays – at somebody else’s expense.

LOSER: Mr. Congressman, Virginia had the first Thanksgiving
Sixth District Congressman Bob Goodlatte devoted his Thanksgiving Week column to the first Thanksgiving – in Massachusetts.
Mr. Congressman, not to be too hard on you about this, but the first Thanksgiving was in Virginia.
We all learned that in school down here way back when.

PUSH: Downtown Waynesboro welcomes new tenant
We’re definitely winners – yes, we’re the newbies downtown, at the top of the hill at 539 W. Main St.
Our job is now to make it so that downtown gets something to brag about out of our presence here as well.

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