Waynesboro elections: The money game

Report by Chris Graham

Fundraising by candidates in this year’s city elections in Waynesboro seems to be trailing just a little from where it was in 2008 and is off a good bit from the 2006 city elections.

Ward D incumbent Lorie Smith was the top fundraiser as of her most recent report of campaign activity that was filed on Monday, having raised $7,930.89 for her run. Smith’s Ward D opponent, Mike Harris, had raised $6,146.79 as of Friday, April 23, according to his Monday report.

Ward C City Council candidate Jeff Freeman reported $4,519 in fundraising on his Monday report. Candidate Robert Johnson had raised $1,385 for his campaign, according to his report.

In the Ward D School Board race, incumbent Kathe Maneval reported $3,559.99 in contributions through April 23, and challenger Jennifer Jones reported $2,074.22 as of that date.

Where it’s coming from

City Council-Ward D

Lorie Smith
Carl Rosberg $2,000
Mary McDermott $650
Robert Gunther $500
Jacqueline Jeutter $250
Gilmer C. Ayers $200
Joe Harris $200
Mason Hulen $150
William Pfost $200
Nancy Sorrells $200
James Wilson $100

Mike Harris
Bank Design and Equipment $1,000
James Hinton $500
John Johnston $500
Frank Lucente $500
David Wolfe $500
Joe Hall $300
William Alexander $250
Joe Harris $250
Peter McCoy $250
William Mikolay $250
Walter D. Bird $200
Vicky Ferreira $200
Bruce Paradiso $200
Jerry Ponds $200
Marilyn Sussan $200

City Council-Ward C

Robert Johnson
no contributors over $100

Jeff Freeman
Bank Design and Equipment $1,000
John Johnston $500
Gregory Jones $500
Frank Lucente $500
David Wolfe $500
William Mikolay $300
Thomas Reider $300
Joe Harris $200
Stewart Hall $100

School Board-Ward D

Kathe Maneval
Susan Pereles $250

Jennifer Jones
Reo Hatfield $500
Mary McDermott $500
Lois Jones $300
Bank Design and Equipment $250

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