Waynesboro Brownfield Redevelopment Planning Project kickoff meeting

waynesboro2editsThe City of Waynesboro announces the first of numerous events related to the U.S. Environmental Protected Agency funded Brownfields Redevelopment Planning Project for targeted revitalization areas in the City.

It is a pivotal time in the City of Waynesboro. As part of the City’s ongoing effort to promote economic development and renewal in and around the downtown, the City has started its next phase of redevelopment planning. This phase includes environmental assessment activities utilizing funding the city received from the U.S. EPA.

Now is the time to build upon all of the revitalization work performed to-date in the downtown. This project will review and update redevelopment goals for the study area, which includes the downtown and targeted adjacent areas, focusing on the City’s vacant or under-utilized properties and several of the larger post-industrial sites. In order to spur new public and private economic investment and foster revitalization efforts, the City has retained a project team of technical experts to prepare specific revitalization recommendations. The effort includes developing area-wide improvement recommendations as well as redevelopment-specific economic development projects and environmental remediation activities.

The first of numerous public involvement activities and events will be held on June 18th, 2013 at 7:00 PM at the Charles T. Yancey Municipal Bldg., 503 West Main Street. This meeting will consistent of an introductory presentation by the project team and will include an overview of the work that will be performed over the duration of the project. The community will have an opportunity to ask questions and an introductory public engagement activity will be held to identify community opportunities and issues. The information gathered will be used to shape the project’s focus and future public engagement activities.

Information about the project and future events is available on the City’s Downtown Revitalization website: http://www.revitalizingdowntownwaynesboro.com/brownfields/

Regular project updates and meeting notices will also be available at:


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