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Waynesboro beginning fire hydrant maintenance checks

WaynesboroThe City of Waynesboro Fire Department will be conducting regularly scheduled fire hydrant maintenance and flow testing, in compliance with The Insurance Service Office.

Testing will take place in the following areas of the city starting on Oct. 1. The purposes of this is to ensure proper function, adequate water flows, removal of any possible blockages of water flow and to document the capabilities for insurance purposes. This annual testing will take place between the hours of 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Area #9: Virginia Village, Stratford Farms, and Charleston Park areas.
Area #10: South of W. Main St. from Rosser Ave. to Bookerdale Rd. stopping at Northgate Ave. West of Greenway Cir. to Bookerdale Rd.
Area #11: Fairway Hills area.

Each hydrant test takes approximately 10 minutes and you could experience lowered water pressure or discolored water. This is not a health hazard. If you experience discolored water simply let your coldwater tap run until it is clear. Do not run hot water in order to keep your hot-water heater clear. Water should clear up within 10 to 15 minutes in most cases.

If you experience more than several hours of discolored water, contact the City of Waynesboro Water Department at 540-942-6624.

The Insurance Service Office is an agency which rates fire departments, and hydrant flow test records are checked regularly by the ISO to help determine our fire department class rating.

This rating is used by city business, commercial and multi-residential buildings to determine insurance premiums.

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