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Waynesboro area couple wins $894,591 jackpot from Virginia Lottery

Virginia Lottery
Shannon Harris and Josh Quick. Photo courtesy Virginia Lottery.

Josh Quick and Shannon Harris were buying groceries at the Walmart in Waynesboro when they bought a Cash 5 with EZ Match ticket from the Virginia Lottery.

The jackpot for the game had been growing for some time, and it now stood at an exciting $894,591 for the April 9 drawing.

The numbers they selected, 3-5-18-26-29, turned out to be the winning numbers in that night’s drawing.

“I didn’t believe it at first,” Quick said. “I called her, and she didn’t believe it at first, either.”

Cash 5 is now known Cash 5 with EZ Match and features a rolling jackpot, starting at a minimum of $100,000. If nobody matches all five winning numbers, the jackpot increases for the next drawing. The odds of matching all five numbers to win the jackpot are 1 in 749,398. For more information on how to play Cash 5 with EZ Match, visit

In addition, a player who spends an extra dollar for EZ Match receives five randomly generated numbers with a prize of up to $500 associated with each number. If those numbers match any of the numbers on the ticket for the drawing, the player wins that prize – even before the drawing is held.

Quick, who lives in Waynesboro, and Harris, who lives in Staunton, both said they hope to use their winnings to start retirement savings accounts.

“It feels pretty humbling,” Quick said as the couple claimed their prize.

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