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Watches you should wear this summer

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Among the wardrobe changes you’ll likely be making in the summer should be accessories like your watch. Summer means more time doing outdoor activities for lots of people, and more time in the water as well. Here are some things to consider when choosing the best summer watch.

Don’t Abandon Luxury

Too often, when men start thinking about watches for the summer, their minds go to the big nylon and plastic monstrosities that are popular for wearing to the beach. However, you still want to give off a sense of class and luxury, even in hot weather.

In fact, having a luxury watch in the summer might be even more critical to make sure you’re looking your best, since you are less able to layer and many of the clothes you’ll be wearing may be less attractive than your winter wardrobe. For summer wear, you are likely to want to choose water-resistant material for the strap, but that doesn’t mean that you should compromise on the face of your watch. Straps can be interchanged, and there are a number of options to choose from.

Here are a few things to keep an eye out for to make sure you are choosing from the best mens luxury watches.

How Does it Work?

Watches can work in three different ways: quartz, manual, and automatic. Quartz watches are the cheapest options and are powered by a little watch battery and a crystal made of quartz. The second-hand ticks around second by second.

Manual watches are powered when you wind the watch. Automatic watches use the energy generated by your arm swinging as you walk to start themselves. In both cases, the physical mechanisms of the watch keep it working, rather than relying on a battery. These types of watches could stay with you forever. Most men prefer automatic watches since there is one less thing to worry about.

How is it Made?

Quality watches should be able to be passed down from generation to generation. Synthetic sapphire faces are extremely difficult to scratch. They may be more likely to scratch whatever they rub against them to be scratched themselves. By contrast, cheaper acrylic faces or glass faces scratch more easily.

Go for Light Colors

If you’re enjoying the sunshine with your watch on your wrist and it has very dark coloration, you may find that it quickly absorbs the light and heat, creating a scalding piece of metal on your wrist. Be sure to choose faces with a white background and very light metal as well as white or light-colored straps to prevent your watch from turning into a heat magnet.

Choose a Tough Watch

If you want to have fun summer adventures in the water and on land, you want a watch that can hold up to water pressure and give you great nighttime visibility without being a distraction. The watch you choose should be able to guide your way on camping trips and keep track of time while you go scuba diving.

Consider a Cloth Strap

Leather or metal are typically the go to for luxury watches, but for the summer, cloth material may be a better option. Cloth looks very attractive on your wrist, but it won’t get hot in the sun like leather or metal can. While cloth straps aren’t waterproof, they can generally dry without much trouble. If you want your watch to be comfortable even in the heat, a cloth strap might be a great option for you.

Can You Wear Winter Watches in the Summer?

No matter how discerning the fashion devotees in your circle are, they are unlikely to recognize whether you are wearing a winter or summer watch, as long as you make wise stylistic choices. The same sort of light colors and cloth strap that are ideal for the summer can easily carry into the winter as well.

Switching to a leather strap when the weather gets cooler is an excellent way to smoothly transition your summer watch to the winter. By choosing a simple and classy face with light colors and clear numbering, you can satisfy your needs throughout the year just by changing the band and not by buying another watch.

How to Avoid Beach Sand Scratches

One of the biggest problems with wearing watches in the summer is scratches from sand, which can do a lot of damage to a watch in a short time if you’re playing a game of pick-up football on the beach. Choose a synthetic sapphire face so that you’ll know your watch can resist scratches.

Choose a Great Watch This Summer

The best watch for you this summer will stand up to some abuse from the water and sand but will continue to look luxurious and add a flair of style even when you’re just wearing your swimming trunks.

Story by Jacob Maslow