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Warren Isleib: Who are the Romneys?

Who cares about Mitt and Ann Romney’s tax returns? They have lots of money, big deal. They use tax shelters and loopholes to keep as much of their money as possible; again no surprise. The public does not care much. Democrats will show the inequality in taxation rates; already know it, so what. Why not make them public?

There must be an extremely good reason for allowing this issue to interfere with Romney’s message to America. The IRS already has their returns and has not found any problems that we know of. Who else could they be hiding this information from? What group has them really worried?

They may have mentioned it already. They complained their tithing to the Mormon church was deeply personal and not for public consideration. But wait…Mitt has made multiple detailed public statements about it. It’s not about privacy. The only group remaining is the Mormon church. To be a “member in good standing” includes giving 10% of your income. This is common knowledge and professed by the Romneys themselves. Good for them…unless they’re lying.

Are Mitt and Ann a modern version of the Biblical Ananias and Sapphira? See Acts chapter 5:

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