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Warner takes to Senate floor to call for federal contractor back pay

mark warnerOn the Senate floor today, U.S. Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) urged his Senate colleagues to support bipartisan legislation that would provide back pay to low- and middle-income federal contractors who otherwise will never see the 35 days’ worth of wages they missed during the partial government shutdown.

In his remarks, Sen. Warner recalled various conversations he had with furloughed contractors and federal workers during the shutdown and highlighted the lingering consequences that continue to affect federal families. He also cited a recent survey that found that as a result of the shutdown, 62 percent of federal workers depleted all or most of their savings, 42 percent were forced to take on new debt and 25 percent tapped into their retirement savings.

Additionally, Sen. Warner stressed the importance of ensuring that the government stays open and called on Congress to override the President Trump’s veto if the President decides to once again shut down the government.

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