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Want to manage business finances? Here’s how to make it work

When it comes to desirable finance jobs, managing business finances is certainly up there. This field of work is not only associated with high pay, but also high levels of responsibility and respectability. Becoming a business finance manager doesn’t just come with being able to run a macro on a spreadsheet, however. You will need to have both the education and experience to prove that you are capable of accurately organizing and assessing the business’ incomings and outgoings.

Become qualified

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It doesn’t matter what stage of your employment you’re at; there is always an opportunity to do further education to progress your career. Nowadays, more and more people are using online courses to give them the qualifications they need to move forward. You can do an online MBA in accounting that will give you the fundamental skills you need to become a qualified accountant. These courses often only take a year or so to complete, which means you’ll be adding it to your resume in no time.

Start in an accountancy firm

One of the best places to gain experience as an accountant is a specialized firm. The reason for this is that it will expose you to a wide variety of clients and get you constant experience. While you may be starting from the bottom of the ladder, accountancy is a job that allows you to climb the ladder fast. By constantly improving your qualifications and building on your experience, you will start pushing your way through to the next tier of seniority.

Starting out in an accountancy firm will also allow you to get an understanding of the full nature of the career you are working towards. You will quickly learn that you are not just there to monitor a company’s financial flow, but to also provide advice on how to improve their earnings.

Be open-minded

Working in business finance could potentially take you anywhere. If you started out wanting to manage funds for a bank, by all means, keep your goal in sight – but stay open-minded. Most companies have a head of finance somewhere within their company, which means you could end up working almost anywhere. If you see a job open up for a head of finance at a department store don’t avoid it because it wasn’t what you dreamed of – give it a chance, you might be surprised.

Understand technology

While this final point may seem obvious to some, it is really crucial to have an understanding of technology if you plan on becoming a business finance manager.  Not only does spreadsheet software adapt with the times, but so will the hardware you use on a daily basis. If you feel that this might be your Achilles Heel, it’s a wise idea to get some training to improve your technological confidence.

Becoming a business finance manager requires education and the willingness to climb the ladder. You may start out as an accountant for a firm, but this is an essential part of the learning curve. Your education and experience will take you to a managerial position if you have the work ethic and the drive to take you there.

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