Want to fund your travel? Here is how to make it happen

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Okay, so you’ve heard about the series of business opportunities that lie abroad, the mind-blowing winter getaway packages that some countries offer, the enthralling tourism experiences that some destinations promise, and now you would love nothing more than to experience these up close. Well, that’s such an admirable dream for anyone to harbor. However, these types of experiences don’t come cheap, which means that you’re going to need to spend some cool cash. Unfortunately, there are times when our bank balances don’t just share our travel sentiments. As such, our plans, to hit the road and fulfill our dreams, might become limited. So what then do you do when that is the case? Do you just sweep your travel dreams under the carpet or postpone it till you can afford to fund it? Well, those are nice ideas too, but what if the purpose of the travel is not something you can discard? Perhaps it is a business meetup, a networking event, or a rare family gathering abroad. Well, you wouldn’t really want to disappoint your loved ones or cancel on your bosses, would you?

But I can confidently tell you that there are actually solutions to your travel funding challenges. The only problem is you haven’t been seeing them, which is why we’ve created this post to serve as an eye-opener for anyone looking to fund their travels.


Remember those times when we were little and would dare to ask our elderly ones, friends, or colleagues for anything we needed, so long as we knew they could afford them? Well, now may be the time to awaken the spirit of the little boy in you. There are many ways to get the word out about travel dreams and obtain cash through travel funding. If the purpose of the travel is so urgent that you need the funding ASAP, fundraising might be a great place to turn to. Send out letters or emails to people in your network, telling them about your travel emergency and the significance of the journey itself. Trust me, you’d be amazed at the level of turn-up you’d most likely get.

A lil’ somethin’ something on the side

Even with a full-time job, freelancing is an excellent way to stretch those pockets. If you can dedicate extra hours or the occasional weekend to new brands or clients, then do it! There’s a number of straight-forward websites that let you list out your skills and showcase a portfolio for freelance work, like freelancer, Fiverr, and Upwork, to mention but a few. With a little extra cash of your own, you can sort your in-destination transportation, book a flight at traveligo – they help budget travelers seek out cheap flight deals for their travels – sort your accommodation, and probably seek additional funding from any of the options mentioned earlier.

Kickstart your travel fund piggy bank

Truth be told, the chances of getting the right travel funding you need might depend hugely on the purpose of the journey itself. For instance, while most people in your network might be willing to help raise the funds you need to pursue an academic or career program, not many would be willing to donate funds for you to tour the world. That is just the basic nature of the world!  When this is the case, it is ultimately up to you to save up for your adventure to travel the world. Open a savings account and start saving towards your travel goals. To aid your savings, start cutting back on some basic life luxuries, like cutting back on cable and phone deals, eating at home instead of buying, selling things you no longer need on Craiglist.

Apply for travel scholarships

Travel grants? As in free cash to venture to the far corners of the planet? Truly, truly, YES! Depending on the experience you are looking for, you could without much of a stretch be qualified to get supported to go abroad. For example, if your plan is to teach or you want to do some research abroad,  the Fulbright Program Scholarship is an example of a travel scholarship. This program will pop out for future employers that scan your resume. If you want to volunteer, you can apply for the International Volunteer HQ Scholarship. Plan on learning a new language? Apply for the Boren Award Scholarship.

Room for rent

If you’re a homeowner, congrats! That’s an achievement in itself. Better yet, if you have a spare room, you should rent it out. It’s the best know-how to raise money fast for a trip, and all you have to do is share. If you’re an apartment dweller with an extra bedroom, be sure to check with your property manager first.

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