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Want to become a private tutor? Here’s what to know

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If you have detailed expertise on a particular field or subject and have the patience and communication skills to match, you should consider taking up a job as a private tutor.

A private tutor is employed by a student or family to teach a particular subject such as a language, math, or science. They may also be required to offer instruction for various subjects especially in cases where the student is in high school or grade school.

Private tutoring is not limited to young students. Adults in need of extra help with certain certifications required to advance their careers may also hire a private tutor.

There is an increasing demand for tutors across the U.S. It needs very little capital to get going and has the potential to provide significant income. If you’re considering work as a private tutor, visit and below here’s what you need to know to begin.

1. Determine what kind of private tutoring you want to do

A tutor is not just any tutor. There are several kinds of tutoring you can provide as a private tutor.

For instance, grade-level-specific tutors specialize in tutoring certain grade levels. Elementary tutors help children aged between 6 and 10 while Pre-K tutors help younger kids prepare for kindergarten. Special needs tutors help kids with special needs such as learning disabilities, speech impediments, or ADHD.

To be a private tutor, you have to consider that students are just as diverse as their tutors and each of them has their unique educational needs.

2. Settle on a niche

Finding your niche will help you hone in on a particular target market with a certain set of needs. Think about what grade levels you want to prioritize, the subjects you should focus on, and the type of student you want to tutor.

Determining your niche can also help you stand out from your competition. Picture a scenario where a parent has to consider between a tutor who simply specializes in helping students with their reading and a tutor helping elementary-aged kids with dyslexia improve their reading by using specially designed techniques.

The parent will obviously choose the second tutor. That’s the power of establishing a niche.

3. Acquire tutoring certification

Some employers require their prospective tutors to have certification. Tutoring certifications offer professional tutoring training and strategies that tutors can use to advance their services. The  American Tutoring Association and the National Tutoring Association are examples of certifying institutions that you can consider.

Private tutoring can help make a positive difference

Not only is private tutoring a flexible and highly rewarding career choice, but it will also allow you to have a strong and positive impact on the academic life of your student.

As a private tutor, your primary duty will involve teaching the student to broaden their comprehension of the curriculum taught in school. You may also be hired mainly to help the student get ready for a test such as the SAT or ACT.

Consider the pointers listed above and you should have a clear picture of where you can get started.

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