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Volunteer water quality monitoring and improvement programs for students

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In recent decades, it’s become more and more clear that the state of our planet’s environment is hurtling towards true catastrophe. From mass deforestation to melting ice caps and rising sea levels, the effects of human activity on the Earth are having a devastating impact. Young people are highly aware of this, and many feel that it’s their job to save the environment from the damage inflicted by previous generations. College students all across the U.S. are taking up the mantle of environmental protection and developing projects to help solve the ever-growing crisis.

One of the environmental threats that pose the most immediate danger to the health of many people is the toxic level of water pollution in many U.S. areas. Factory production, unsustainable manufacturing techniques, and improper waste management all contribute to a degree of water pollution that poses serious threats to populations of flora, fauna, and us. With this issue being so widespread, students across universities are trying to incorporate protecting the environment with their college education. Some students prefer to write argumentative essays on water pollution that argue strongly for the need to give greater care to our environment. This important endeavor can take many different forms. Some students choose to sign up for volunteer organizations and conservation programs to help with water quality monitoring, whereas others dedicate portions of their study and research to environmental evaluation and protection.

Here are a few of the ways you can combine your life as a student and an effort to help with the improvement of water quality.


Part of the power in getting a university education is having the academic tools to be able to produce valuable research on important topics such as environmental conservation. Writing an essay about the effects of water pollution on the environment is a great way of raising your own awareness, as well as the awareness of your peers. Students can access examples of essays on water pollution to find inspiration in this important area of research. There are many different approaches that essay writers can take towards water pollution and environmental conservation.

These kinds of essays can be very powerful in rallying other students to the cause. Some students rather do a more scientific research paper and produce findings that can be used to help with conservation efforts. No matter your style, making the environment part of your education is a great way to help the cause.

Volunteer organizations

Outside of the classroom, many students choose to dedicate their free time to work on projects that monitor water quality. This is a highly important task when it comes to keeping track of the damage being done and measuring the effectiveness of preservation efforts. The work of these volunteers usually revolves around measuring different levels of pollutants over time in water systems and keeping track of changes as a result of different water treatment.

Clean-up efforts

Other students volunteer their time for the improvement of water quality in more hands-on ways. Beach and river clean-ups are an extremely popular way for students to join in conservation efforts in their free time. Clean-up efforts often involve getting a large group of volunteers out together to remove pollutants such as trash and waste from suffering water systems. Often these kinds of waste products can pose a real threat to the local wildlife that relies on that water, so removing any dangerous debris is crucial for protecting animal populations.

These volunteer projects are a great way to give back to the Earth while also getting to meet like-minded people who care about protecting the environment as much as you do. What better way to combine your passion for nature and desire to volunteer than building a community of people dedicated to the cause?

No matter what approach you choose to fight water pollution, it’s an important cause that every student should be passionate about. The planet needs the dedicated work of enthusiastic students to heal and grow.

Story by John Barton

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