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Virtual paint and sip classes rising in popularity for 2021

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After a difficult year of staying indoors and away from people, many people have had time to look for new hobbies and activities. Many have also realized that doing something alone is more difficult, and sometimes even plain boring. Front his has emerged virtual paint and sip,  classes that appear to liven things up for the creative minded. But are these painting classes really new, or have they simply been discovered by more people now that we need to find new things to do?

Making friends in a new way

There’s no mystery around what these classes actually are. You paint, and you sip– whatever you want. However, many agree, including hosts, that consuming an alcoholic beverage of your choice will greatly enhance your experience. It’s a creative act, after all, and if you get loose you’ll be able to freely express yourself on canvas.

This should not only sound fun, but it should also sound healthy. Especially during a time when we’ve suppressed so many feelings and worries. Letting loose is scientifically proven to reduce our levels of stress and anxiety, and mingling with people. This is especially welcome as we face one of the worst bouts of loneliness that our nation has ever faced. We’ve become isolated and detached, and the connection offered by these classes is a gem in these times.

Big opportunities for paint and sip classes online

This need for connection means big business for entrepreneurs looking to create more of these events. In 2016, the company Paint Nite which hosts these types of events earned a whopping $55 million in revenue. Just last year Inc. Magazine that the painting class company was the second fastest-growing company in the US.

This news may inspire more entrepreneurs to start similar companies and take advantage of this growing need. One of the pioneers of paint and sip classes online is Gareth Shelton, coFounder of PopUp Painting. He set out to change the way people view these types of events to make them more welcoming:

“We wanted to get rid of the stuffy art class image,” he said. “When people are going for drinks after work, they are hungry for something different to do. Wine makes it more interesting and makes people less anxious.”

Reporter Ben Olsen of the Evening Standard also commented on the future of these types of events:

“Artsy pursuits, which now come in a variety of genre-bending forms … all provide a positive platform for channelling creative energies, widening the field for would-be daters and also just getting people out of their house.”

Of course, this quote is dated now that it’s no longer encouraged to get out of your house, but you get the idea.

A really happy hour

We know that alcohol reduces our stress levels, but being creative may do more to help us feel at ease. In fact, studies have shown that being creative improves mood, and benefits the body in a flurry of ways. The way this works is that we focus on the task at hand, thinking about what we are going to paint while figuring out how to paint it. This distracts from the constant ruminating we all deal with that leads to general feelings of anxiety and stress.

Ultimately, you get to hang out with friends or strangers for a while and share a drink. This might sound like a foreign feeling with all the restrictions nowadays, but we have to adapt to the possibility of this continuing reality. Taking paint and sip classes online is a great way to get acquainted with new ways to meet people and interact digitally. Who knows, once we’re able to safely get out and mingle with each other, these experiences may lead to meaningful and long-lasting friendships.

Story by Fernando Villa

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