The Virginia truck driving boom

The truck driving industry is booming in the U.S. As consumers increase their demand of consumables and want things quicker and sooner than ever before, so the pressure on the trucking industry gets more noticeable. The days of robots driving trucks are still decades away and transportation and logistics companies are crying out for hardworking, dedicated, qualified, and efficient staff to meet their snowballing business needs. This demand has never been higher and finding people to fill these positions proves a challenge on a day in day out basis. The wages are high but it is the nature of the job including its solitary aspects, and the long hours involved that can make it a tough pill to swallow, particularly due to the strain it can have on families.

This doesn’t mean however that one should completely discard it as a possible career. The trucking industry provides 225,556 jobs in Virginia and this is a number that is set to increase. With demand being high, it means that the salaries will also be good and bonuses and perks are set to be competitive as well. So, let us find out a bit more about Virginia and what it has to offer in terms of the ever-growing trucking industry.



Virginia was the first state to be settled by the colonial powers upon arrival in America. Today it has over 70,000 miles of highways, a population of 8.5 million, and is near to the capital of the United States- Washington DC. These factors combined have helped to make the state a key and integral part of the US trucking industry. Main industries within the state include manufacturing and industrial work and this as well helps to contribute to the high requirements for import and export via road past state lines and beyond. Furthermore, unlike most other states, the Virginia State Government exercise full control over the running of all the states roads, whereas other states leave it down to individual counties. The benefit of this is that it provides a clear, concise, and standardised government of the roads and state infrastructure which means that drivers have a consistent experience all over.


Why is it popular?

All of the key operators have facilities in Virginia and it is an amazing place for opportunities. Whether you are looking to upgrade your current position, or you are looking to start a new career you are sure to find a role that will suit you in the state. Even if you do not fancy working on the road, there are even jobs in office and general logistic roles that will provide great opportunities and career progression for the right person.


Who operates there?

Whether you are looking for a career with C.R. England, Swift, Crete Carrier, Schneider, Celadi, CRST, KB Transportation INC, or JB Hunt-  you can find jobs of all levels. Some even offer introductory sign on bonuses to those individuals that are successful in applying- this is designed to encourage people to consider trucking as an occupation. The majority of these trucking companies also offer on the job training and ongoing career development to ensure that their employees are the best and most highly qualified around, as well as ensuring that staff are happy and remain feeling challenged in their roles.

There is no doubt that working in the trucking industry in Virginia as a rewarding role and will offer you and your family financial security whilst providing a job which offers ongoing training and support meaning that you keep your qualifications up to date as well as keeping your brain active!

Whilst working as a truck driver certainly has its challenges, there is a saying that nothing good in life comes easy, so whilst there are downfalls, we are confident that the upsides are more than worth it.

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