Virginia progressive groups congratulate Redistricting Commission on bipartisan vote

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The Virginia Redistricting Commission voted today to draw the new Virginia maps starting from a blank slate, rather than based on previously drawn maps — a reversal of its prior position.

The vote was 12-4 and bipartisan, and comes after pressure from Virginia residents seeking an equitable redistricting and map drawing process.

The Virginia Counts Coalition has made a number of demands from the Commission, including the drawing of maps from scratch.

“This is a huge victory for our coalition and the millions of Virginians we stand for across the commonwealth,” said Erin Corbett, Redistricting Manager at the Virginia Civic Engagement Table. “This bipartisan vote shows what happens when ordinary citizens band together to make their voices heard. This outcome may not have been possible if hundreds of everyday Virginians hadn’t made it clear to the commission that we must have equitable maps—starting with drawing them from a clean slate.

“Gerrymandered maps are a form of voter suppression. It’s critical that all communities are represented equitably and are able to get the funding for the services they need, like schools, transportation, and hospitals. We will continue to closely monitor the Redistricting Commission meetings and hearings, and hold the commission accountable as we go through the remainder of the redistricting process,” Corbett said.

This vote comes at a crucial time as the Redistricting Commission will begin drawing maps on Thursday, Aug. 26.

The Virginia Counts Coalition will remain engaged throughout the rest of this process and continue to demand accountability and transparency from the Commission, lift up the diverse voices in our Commonwealth, and ensure that our future is more equitable and fair than our past.



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