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Virginia Organizing to rally outside Ben Cline office

virginia organizingVirginia Organizing will hold a rally on Thursday, Oct. 10 at noon outside Rep. Ben Cline’s office in Harrisonburg to call on Congress to force Big Pharma to lower prescription drug prices.

Harrisonburg Chapter member Robert Crouch wants legislators to support H.R. 3, the “Lower Drug Costs Now Act.”

“I will be at Rep. Cline’s office in hopes that he will hear the message that something needs to be done about the exorbitant cost of prescription drugs,” said Crouch. “Not only would this help people in need but it would also reduce the cost of ‘entitlements.'”

H.R. 3 would require prescription drug manufacturers to negotiate drug prices with government or pay a penalty. The proposal also levels the cost of medicines between the United States and other countries, where people pay much less for the same drugs.

Lawmakers must take action to lower drug prices now and stop drug companies from price-gouging patients in order to inflate their profits. Tweaks and half measures aren’t enough to address the growing crisis for millions of people who can’t afford medicine. We need an overhaul that ends drug companies’ monopoly power to set prices and puts in place instead fair rules for access and affordability so that everyone who needs prescriptions can get them.

Virginia Organizing is calling on Rep. Cline and the rest of the Virginia congressional delegation to take responsibility for fixing this broken system by making prescription medication affordable for everyone.

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