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Virginia Organizing comment on Governor McAuliffe, Medicaid

Virginia Organizing applauded Governor Terry McAuliffe’s action on Medicaid expansion by including the item in his proposed budget amendments. Virginia Organizing Chairperson Sandra A. Cook issued the following statement.
Virginia Organizing is grateful that Governor Terry McAuliffe is moving forward on Medicaid expansion and taking the lives and health of Virginians seriously. This empathetic move comes on the heels of years of politicking and putting Virginians at risk. As a commonwealth, Virginia has failed our people, but we have an opportunity to fix this mess. Virginia Organizing calls on the General Assembly to work cooperatively with the Governor to find a solution for the estimated 400,000 working Virginians who may qualify for expansion. Virginia has dropped the ball on Medicaid expansion for two years, but we have an opportunity to correct our course and move forward. Let’s not see another year pass without providing health insurance coverage through Medicaid for eligible Virginians in need.”