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Virginia individual income tax six-month extension deadline is Nov. 1

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Time is running out for Virginia taxpayers who plan to file under the automatic, six-month individual income tax extension. The deadline to file is Friday, Nov. 1.

“In 2018, approximately 373,000 people in Virginia took advantage of the six-month extension, with most of those returns coming in to Virginia Tax electronically,” said Tax Commissioner Craig M. Burns. “We continue to encourage you to file electronically, as there are many benefits to e-filing versus using paper forms.”

Those electronic filing benefits include:

  • You get your refund faster:Virginia Tax typically issues refunds from electronically-filed returns in about four weeks, while paper returns can take up to eight weeks to process;
  • You receive proof of receiptor confirmation that your return was received and accepted (or rejected);
  • Your refund, if you have one coming, is directly depositedinto your bank account;
  • You save on paper and postageand don’t have to worry about mailing paper returns or W-2 statements; and
  • You have more protection for your personal, tax-related informationsince electronic filing is more secure than mailing your tax return.

If you do owe taxes, you may have to pay a penalty and may be charged interest. There are several easy ways to pay such as online, directly from your bank account, or via check or money order.

To check the status of your refund, use the Where’s My Refund Application or call 804.367.2486.


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