Virginia House Democrats announce 2019 campaign leadership

virginia house democratsThe House Democratic Caucus has appointed its 2019 campaign leadership to support Democratic candidates and spearhead efforts to win the majority in the House of Delegates next year.

“Last year was more than a blue wave,” said Democratic Leader David Toscano. “Virginia voters called for new leadership in the House of Delegates and a new direction for the Commonwealth. Our campaign leadership combines the experience of veteran members with the energy of our freshman delegates, and together we will build on the momentum from the past couple of years to win the majority.”

Delegate Rip Sullivan will serve again as the Campaign Chair, after his enormous success in the role in 2017, when the House Democratic Caucus picked up 15 seats. In a statement, Delegate Sullivan said, “I accepted the position again to finish the job, and I look forward to continuing my work to flip the House of Delegates next November. The challenge is great, but it is a privilege to be once again at the forefront of such an important effort.”

Delegates Kathy Tran and Jay Jones will spearhead the Caucus’s fundraising efforts as Finance Co-Chairs. “We are excited to work with dynamic, committed candidates who desire to move our Commonwealth forward, and ensure they have the resources they need to run and win issue-focused races across the state,” Delegates Tran and Jones said in a joint statement.

Delegate Jennifer Boysko previously served as Finance Chair, but she stepped down when she announced her campaign for Senate, following Senator Jennifer Wexton’s election to Congress. “It has been an honor to help grow the Caucus and elect strong Democratic candidates,” said Delegate Boysko. “Delegate Tran’s and Delegate Jones’s energy, qualifications, and fresh ideas propelled them to be part of the biggest Democratic pick-up in over a century, and I have confidence they will carry that momentum to win a majority in 2019.”

The Campaign Chair and Finance Co-Chairs will work with Leader Toscano and Caucus Chair Charniele Herring to support Democratic campaigns for the House of Delegates across the Commonwealth.

The House Democratic Caucus will hold candidate trainings on December 15-16 in Richmond. Interested candidates can get more information at


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