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Virginia drops in CNBC Top States for Business rankings

Virginia is still one of the top states for business, according to a ranking by the cable-TV business channel CNBC. But it is no longer the top state for business.

The Commonwealth fell from first to third in the CNBC rankings, primarily due to a drop in its score for infrastructure and transportation, where Virginia ranked only 33rd among the 50 states.

In a news release, CNBC cited “delayed highway improvements and a commute that is among the worse in the country” as to why the state’s ranking in the infrastructure and transportation category fell this year.

Virginia had ranked 10th among the states in the infrastructure and transportation category in 2011.

The #3 overall ranking represents the first time Virginia wasn’t either first or second in the CNBC rendering of the economic climates of the 50 states.

Virginia also ranked poorly in the category cost of doing business, at 32nd among the 50 states.

The Old Dominion was third in business friendliness, eighth in workforce, ninth in access to capital and 10th in overall economy.

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