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Virginia distilleries looking to put the spirit in your 2020 holiday season

virginia distillersTo help put a little extra spirit in our season, Virginia distilleries are stepping up to offer promotional shipping and delivery discounts to Virginia residents for holiday purchases this November and December.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for Virginia consumers,” said Gareth H. Moore, president of the Virginia Distillers Association and CEO of Virginia Distillery Company, in Lovingston. “It can be a challenge to get ahold of many of Virginia’s unique, artisan spirits; these small batch spirits are all too often only available through onsite purchases, at distilleries, due to limited production. Opening up direct to consumer shipping and delivery privileges for Virginia distillers means we can now offer our customers greater access to our craft products, and convenience in their shopping experience.”
The Virginia Distillers Association is promoting the new shipping privilege and promotional discounts throughout the holiday season with a public awareness campaign, Put the Spirit in Your Holiday Season.

“We want to show our fellow Virginia imbibers that craft spirits are versatile, and can be enjoyed in the glass and on the plate as a key ingredient to your favorite holiday food recipes,” said Kara King, vice president of the Virginia Distillers Association and creative director of Ironclad Distillery, in Newport News. “Distilled spirits can be an integral part of your favorite holiday recipes; whether it’s single malt-soaked bacon-wrapped figs, brandy glazed carrots, beef bourbon cream sauce, spiced rum cake – the options are limitless!”

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