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Virginia bat control: How to keep these animals away from your home

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Despite several communities associating bats with various horror movies, these flying creatures tend to be quite benign and, perhaps, even shy. Still, bats would want to rest or nest in the dark, damp areas, and one of those locations might be your house. Although these animals are relatively harmless, they can still make a mess. Hence, here are four ways to help keep bats away from your home:

Understand A Bat’s Behavior

The first part of protecting your home against bats is knowing your enemy. Shooing these flying creatures away using your hands will generate minimal results at best.

Take note that many bats, particularly in the North American region, are the natural predators of insects. Therefore, if you see several bats flying around in your area, one reason could be that various insects are in your property.

Also, that clicking or screeching sound you hear is bats’ way of “seeing” their surroundings. This technique is referred to as echolocation, and it’s a relatively similar method employed by submarines navigating under the deep ocean. Echolocation uses sound that bounces off surfaces, then, the bat’s brain calculates the location of obstructions and their prey.

One bat using echolocation might not bother you. But, a whole swarm can become an annoyance.

Hence, one way to keep bats away from your home and reduce their screeching noise significantly is to ensure that your property is pest-free. If one of their sources of food vanishes, these flying mammals should move somewhere else. You may get more information on this matter by looking up bat-related sites online.

Call Animal Removal Services

The stigma brought by horror movies to bats helped create fear in the minds of different individuals. At this point, you might be afraid of going near these flying creatures of the night despite their relatively benign personalities.

If you can’t find it in yourself to be brave and go near bats for extraction, opt to call local animal removal services instead.

Search for local professional wildlife removers so that these animal experts can take the least amount of time to reach your property. Use the Internet to your advantage by using specific keywords to help you search for credible companies in your area. For example, if you live in Virginia, you may seek the help of  Virginia Professional Wildlife Removal Services.

Use Moth Balls

Also called naphthalene balls, mothballs aren’t only useful in keeping moths and other insects away from your home. These reasonably small items that you tend to keep in your closets are ideal solutions to chase away bats as well.

The vapor emanating from these balls produce a stench that’s almost unnoticeable for human noses. However, bats hate this smell and will tend to fly away from your property when they get a whiff of these balls.

You can place mothballs in different areas of your house, such as your attic, if bats tend to nest there frequently. Otherwise, tie mothballs in fine hardware cloth, and hang them on trees around your property.

Knowing that COVID-19 might come from bats, mothballs are excellent and relatively inexpensive solutions to help keep these animals away from your home.

Install Floodlights

Many species of bats aren’t technically blind despite the popular belief that they are. Instead, bats tend to be more susceptible to light than other animals. Shining a bright light in your home and other areas of the property should keep these flying animals away.

Your home’s halogen and fluorescent lights should suffice. But, if you want a long-term bat repellant in your property, use more powerful beams, like the bright lights produced by floodlights.

Install floodlights in dark areas that may become the resting place of bats. Since bats like to hang from a beam or overhead projection, aim the lights toward the roof. Turn on these lights for a few nights, and you should see a significant decrease in bat activity in your area. When that happens, you don’t need to keep the floodlights on for additional nights.

However, if the bats decide to return, all you need to do is flip the switch on these lights, and these flying creatures should fly away from your home.


If you have bats in the bedroom, attic, or anywhere in your property, you can take advantage of different solutions to drive these animals away. Hire the services of professional wildlife removers or use mothballs. Otherwise, install floodlights in your home. But, make sure to understand the behavior of these flying creatures so you would know why they keep coming back to your house. After that, you should find actionable solutions to keep these animals away.