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Virginia announces Top 20 agricultural products

dairy farms
Photo Credit: Savo Ilic

Agriculture is Virginia’s largest private industry – by far. As a whole, it contributes $70 billion to the state’s economy every year.

According to the latest data from the USDA’s Economic Research Service (Aug. 30, 2019), these are the state’s top grossing products right now, also known as farm cash receipts:

*All numbers rounded to the nearest thousand

  1. Broilers (chickens)  $935 million
  2. Cattle and calves $413 million
  3. Miscellaneous crops $306 million
  4. Dairy products/Milk $285 million
  5. Turkeys $236 million
  6. Soybeans $225 million
  7. All other animals and products ¹ $215 million
  8. Corn (for grain) $175 million
  9. Floriculture $146 million
  10. Hay $118 million
  11. Eggs (chickens) $101 million
  12. Tobacco $97 million
  13. Cotton lint $64 million
  14. Hogs $44 million
  15. Wheat $43 million
  16. Apples $37 million
  17. Peanuts $26 million
  18. Tomatoes $22 million
  19. Potatoes $19 million
  20. Pumpkins $11 million

¹All Other Animals includes horses, aquaculture and other misc. animals

This is the first year that pumpkins entered the Top 20 list. The 2018 crop brought in $10,343,000 in cash receipts from 3,500 harvest acres of commercial pumpkins. This does not include those grown for pick-your-own patches. It is also the first year for Floriculture, or flower farming, which debuted at #9. Flower agritourism is also growing in Virginia, with cut-your-own farms, sunflower mazes and educational events such as floral arranging or flower teas.


Crops and animals that just missed the list include trout, honey, barley and mink pelts.


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