morgan griffith

Morgan Griffith: Bipartisan healthcare legislation

Healthcare policy touches on some of the most important and personal decisions people make. From my vantage point on the Health Subcommittee of the Energy and Commerce Committee, I continue to look for ways to improve healthcare in the Ninth District.

supreme court

Get ready for Anita Hill-Clarence Thomas redux

Next week, we get to see how far we’ve come, if we’ve come any distance at all, since the Anita Hill-Clarence Thomas fiasco of 1991.

tim kaine

Inside the Numbers: Tim Kaine leads, bigly, in Senate race

Sen. Tim Kaine appears to be, not surprisingly, well ahead of Trumpist Republican challenger Corey Stewart, according to a new University of Mary Washington poll released Tuesday.

nature outdoors

Earth Talk: Improved access to nature, the outdoors

No one doubts that time spent outdoors in nature is time well-spent, especially in this age of smartphones, tablets and laptops vying for our attention.


Blogcast w/Chris Graham: #neverforget

This week was our annual politicization of tragedy in the form of 9/11, before, during and after which we are reminded, repeatedly, to #neverforget.

ken plum

Ken Plum: Shedding light on solar energy in Virginia

While many of us express concern that we do not see as many solar collectors on Virginia roof-tops as we would like, the Commonwealth is showing significant progress on turning sunlight into electrical energy. Important law-enforcement tool, or racist?

As the website was rolling out last September, I found myself engaged in a conversation with a community activist who did everything but say the idea was racist.

Monarch Butterfly

Monarch Butterfly: On the brink of extinction?

While the mighty Monarch Butterfly may not be on the endangered species list yet, environmentalists think it should be — and have petitioned the federal government accordingly.

morgan griffith

Morgan Griffith: Open letter to the social media/tech industry

Social media occupies a prominent place in modern America. Remarkably prominent, given how novel the medium is.


Letter: Agreement with Sen. Hanger on pipelines

After reading the article by Emmett Hanger, “Addressing safety, environmental concerns on pipeline projects,” I would like to express my agreement for his comments regarding concerns about the path of the Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley Pipelines, including significant environmental and safety concerns.

ken plum

Ken Plum: De-gerrymandering, continued

Sorry, but this is yet another column on the continuing effort to de-gerrymander House of Delegates districts in Virginia as directed by the federal courts.

andy schmookler

Andy Schmookler: What makes a class reunion worth attending?

I had not asked for the assignment. This was going to be our high school class’s 55th reunion.

emmett hanger

Emmett Hanger: Addressing safety, environmental concerns on pipeline projects

The proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline is not new news. The pipeline has been on all of our collective radar for several years now.

david swanson

David Swanson: UVA Miller Center loves killers

The University of Virginia’s Miller Center caught flak for appointing Trumpian Marc Short, but has now announced the appointment of John Negroponte, presumably hoping for little resistance since Negroponte’s not a Trumpman.

morgan griffith

Morgan Griffith: Thoughts on Labor Day, grant workshops announcement

We dedicate Labor Day each year to the social and economic contributions American workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.

ozone depletion

EarthTalk: Have we solved the ozone depletion problem?

You never hear anything about ozone depletion anymore. Have we solved this problem and if so why can’t we get a handle on global warming as well?  

ken plum

Ken Plum: Un-gerrymandering legislative districts in Virginia

On August 30, I and my colleagues in the General Assembly returned to the State Capitol in Richmond at the request of Governor Ralph Northam to un-gerrymander eleven House of Delegates districts that have been found by a panel of federal judges to be unconstitutional.

david swanson

Virginia’s Fifth District: Hold your nose and stay home

Democratic candidates for Congress Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortezall say Americans should have higher living standards, closer to those in other wealthy countries, including guaranteed Medicare for All, better schools, etc.

chris graham donald trump

Blogcast w/Chris Graham: Pay freeze

But, but, but, I thought the economy was purring right along, Mr. President? What about that A+ grade you gave yourself on the economy?

bob goodlatte

Bob Goodlatte … worse than I thought

I spent 20 months (in 2011-12) running against Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA06). So naturally I gave a lot of thought to the man, trying to see him clearly and understand what made him tick.

donald trump

Trump parroting Putin with Google tough talk

Is it a coincidence that Donald Trump is picking fights with the likes of Google and Amazon? It should be obvious what the president is up to here. You’d almost think he has Vladimir Putin in his ear directing him.

chris graham running

Blogcast w/Chris Graham: Religion on the Greenway

Today, getting ready for my daily run on the South River Greenway, I noticed a formal setup of some sort near the south entrance. Two tables, with posterboard, pamphlets and three polite-looking folks. The message: selling religion.


President Trump declares war on Google

Donald Trump is accusing Google of slanting its search results to highlight bad news about him, which, yeah, par for the course.

morgan griffith

Morgan Griffith: Reclaiming damaged land for new use

Recently, I’ve participated in the announcement of five projects that will repurpose old coal mine lands for a variety of uses, from economic development to recreation.

john mccain

On John McCain: A direct line from McCain ’08 to Trump ’16

John McCain, who passed away on Saturday at age 81, is being lionized as a political maverick, but there is an uncomfortable truth to McCain’s legacy that needs telling.


Earth Talk: Ranchers, environmentalists working together

Ranchers and environmental advocates haven’t always seen eye-to-eye, but the differences between the two aren’t as extreme anymore.

shepherd bliss

Love at first sight: Old man adopts dog

Searching for a dog, I recently visited three animal shelters. At the final one, I saw a dog that I instantly connected to.

ken plum

Ken Plum: Isolating the children

The federal administration policy of breaking up families as an intentional strategy aimed at refugee families has shocked the conscience of most Americans.

chris graham running

Blogcast w/Chris Graham: Running from pain

When two runners chat, it starts somewhere along the lines of, this is what’s hurting me, what’s hurting you? That’s the reality for runners, masochists to the end, right?


Why single-payer is the only way to go

You’re told not to like single-payer because big government, bad, private sector, good. Truth: the private-sector healthcare system that we have costs more and delivers much less than single-payer systems in use elsewhere in the industrialized world.