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VHHA adds daily trend line data to Virginia hospital COVID-19 dashboard

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The Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association has unveiled a new feature on its public facing Virginia Hospital COVID-19 Dashboard: hospitalization trend line data.

The new dashboard feature can be accessed by clicking the “Hospitalization Trends” tab at the top of the dashboard. Users can view daily data by hovering and dragging their cursor across the trend line for each individual category.

The trend line data covers a period beginning on March 26, 2020 that continues through the present day. The data reflected in the color coded chart reflects the following categories:

  • Total COVID-19 hospitalizations, including patients who are confirmed positive through testing and those whose test results are pending but are suspected of being COVID-positive based on their symptoms;
  • A seven day moving average of total COVID-19 hospitalizations;
  • Total hospitalizations for patients confirmed positive for COVID-19 through testing;
  • Total number of hospitalized patients receiving ventilator support for COVID-19 care, including confirmed positive patients and those whose test results are pending; and
  • Total number of hospitalized patients receiving ICU care for COVID-19, including confirmed positive patients and those whose test results are pending.

This new online feature is the latest data offering from the VHHA Data Analytics team in concert with the Virginia Healthcare Emergency Management Program facilitated with support from VHHA’s Emergency Preparedness team. The data that informs the dashboard, which is updated daily, is supplied through the Virginia Hospital Alerting and Status System overseen by VHHA.

In addition to the Virginia Hospital COVID-19 Dashboard, VHHA also maintains a Virginia Licensed Nursing Facility COVID-19 Dashboard, a Virginia Hospital Patient Experience Data Dashboard, a series of Community Health Legislative Dashboards, the interactive Virginia Hospital Quality and Patient Safety Scorecard, and a Virginia Hospital Media Dashboard.

Each of these data-informed tools are public facing and presented with the support of VHHA member hospitals and health systems to help advance community understanding about the health care delivery system in Virginia.

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