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Verga launches America Works tour

Edited by Chris Graham

Standing with the owners of several businesses in the Fifth District, Laurence Verga kicked off his campaign’s America Works Tour.

“America Works for its citizens when they have ample opportunities for employment. America Works for its citizens when they can pursue their dreams freely. And America Works for its citizens when they can invest in their future and provide for their families,” Verga said.

“Unemployment is unacceptably high, with areas like Martinsville suffering from over 21 percent unemployment. American entrepreneurs are sitting idle waiting for the storm to pass. And American families are struggling to pay for their bills with per capita income falling 2.6 percent last year.

The bottom-line is this: The American people want to work, want to fight for their dreams, and want to provide for their family. But time and time again, government is standing in the way of making America work for them,” Verga said.

During his America Works tour, Verga plans to visit all 22 localities in the Fifth District. “My goal is to meet with the local Chambers of Commerce, major employers, aspiring entrepreneurs, and everyday families to hear their concerns and ideas to get our economy moving again. I want to share with them my experience as someone who has fixed large companies with problems, has created jobs and how I intend to use that experience to help get people in the Fifth District back to work again,” Verga said.

Supporting Verga’s campaign for Congress and standing with him at the podium were local Arby’s owner Tom Slonaker, construction contractor Ed Yensho, and Dr. Gary Helmbrecht, all who spoke at the press conference about their economic concerns and why they believe Verga is the right candidate to make America Work again for its citizens.

“Laurence Verga is the only candidate in this race who has the experience to handle the problems we face today. Laurence is a businessman, but more to the point, over the last two decades he has started companies, fixed failing companies and understands first-hand what it means to make a payroll, provide health insurance and how debilitating added government regulation and taxes are to our businesses. We don’t need career politicians, we need people with the experience and first-hand knowledge of how put people to work and Laurence Verga is that candidate,” Slonaker said.

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